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September 28, 2008 by Michelle
In summer, I tend to wear the same shoes repeatedly. They’re comfy, so I can wear them while chasing the wee ones everywhere and not have to worry about blisters. Plus, they aren’t the most expensive shoes, so if I happen to get a little water or whatever else on them, no big deal.

In fact, the majority of the time, I wear these shoes:
Or these:

Or these:

And sometimes these:

Raise your hand if you see a trend developing. Yeah, me, too.

By the end of the summer, my feet look like this:

Yes, thanks I like the pretty purple polish, too, but that’s not what I was referring to. Look again. There, see the nice farmer tan stripe going across the top of my foot? It’s attractive, isn’t it?

Fortunately, that’s not generally a problem as the weather cools off and I’m back to fully covering my foot kinds of shoes. Except when I have times when I need to dress up. Oh yeah. Like the charity event my husband and I went to on Friday night. Fancy and farmer tan don’t really belong in the same sentence, do they?

Luckily, I found shoes that help. Check them out! They’re sort of cute, aren’t they? And they’re super comfortable, although I know I won’t win any awards from critics. They work for me, and that’s what matters.

Check out the magic! Ta-da! My farmer tan appears to be gone thanks to the magic placement of those straps.

I actually have another pair of silver shoes that have some great strap placement for this problem that I can wear with other dresses. Either way, it’s yet more proof that there’s always an answer to a fashion dilemma.

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  • Kellan

    Cute shoes and I love the tan mark – tee hee!

    Take care and have a good week – Kellan

  • Jeff

    Now here’s a post I can really identify with!

    What. I’m talking about the purple polish. What do you think, I’m some kind of weirdo who’s into women’s shoes? Sheesh.

  • Karen

    That’s way better than what I have going on. I wore crocs last summer and had spotted holes all across the top of my foot. Not so nice.

  • Mabunny

    Cute shoes, wish I could wear something like, but I’d bust me hiney in a heart beat trying to walk in shoes higher than a 1/2″!
    Love the purle polish too, way cute!

  • Michelle

    Kellan – Yeah… the tan mark is really classy, isn’t it? I actually *almost* got rid of it when we were in Vegas but between the Fair and spending time outside with the wee ones, it came back with the vengeance!

    Jeff – I figured you’d be able to. One request for advice: next pedicure, do I stick with this purple or is it a bit too sparkly? I keep debating whether I go a much richer purple or stick with this one.

    Karen – I LOVE the thought of the spotted feet. That’s hilarious! I’m now happy with my farmer stripe.

    Mabunny – They’re actually super comfortable and easy to walk in. They’re much more of a wedge than what the photo shows, so you have lots of support throughout. It’s all about the practice!

  • Melissa

    Love all your shoes but that last pair is spectacular!

  • Shelly Overlook

    My toenails are currently a lovely green, but purple is my favorite. Love the strappy shoes!

  • Cookie

    Wow! You really are just like me! Did you steal my shoes to take those pics??? I hate the shoes with the strap that goes between the toes. NO thongs for my toes! And I do get a tan like that. Hub wears sandals that have a strap across the toes and then another one at the ankle. He gets a very dark tan and his feet look like a zebra. My kids have a great Japanese video that sings a song about a zebra. He just loves when I sing that for his feet tan πŸ˜‰

  • Cheryl Lage

    Oh that is AWESOME! Love the progression…and cute finale. πŸ™‚

    Glad to have found your blog (via Kellan) πŸ™‚

  • Michelle

    Melissa – You’re too sweet! But at least someone else likes my shoes. You should see my purple Pumas though!

    Shelly – Ooo, green is another good color. I haven’t done that one in awhile.

    Cookie – Yep, I stole ’em. And I hate the thong strap. I have a pair of flip flops that I wear in the gym shower and I can’t WAIT to take them off when I’m done. Yuck yuck yuck!

    Cheryl – Welcome! Tell Kellan thanks! And glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  • - C -

    hahaha… what a fun post!
    I love the random stuff.

  • Michelle

    C – Welcome! Glad you liked it. I’m all about the random, too πŸ™‚

  • Angela

    Very cute shoes! I love strappy things and I, too always end up with a funky tan across my feet, due to flip flop and other sandal patterns that always develop.

    And that’s a great polish color for fall!

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