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It seems like so many occasions in my life are surrounded by food. When I host people at my house, there is always an abundance of goodies, whether it’s a holiday meal or just a quick play date. Even when I hang with my friends out somewhere, there’s generally a meal involved, and that is a lot of calories. Houlihan’s has just introduced their new lighter fare menu filled with delicious options, all under 590 calories. Now that? I can handle!

Houlihan's now offers a lighter fare menu with options under 590 calories each!

I love that there are Houlihan’s pretty much anywhere I want to go. While I love eating at local restaurants, knowing that there is a familiar favorite with an awesome menu nearby – wherever I happen to be – is a comfort. So when my friend suggested we get together to catch up, you know what I suggested.

Not only are the main dishes part of the lighter fare menu, but there are all sorts of other indulgences available, too. Yes, that includes the alcohol from an X-Rated Moscato Martini to the Coco Basil Infusion, both clocking in at 140 calories to the Skinny Raspberry Mojito from their regular menu (120 calories) and Skinny Margarita (150 calories). They haven’t forgotten the sweeter side either, as they have two featured desserts that can fit into a diet, especially if you share them (because my mom always told me that calories don’t count if you share). I adore key lime anything, and the key lime mousse is just 420 calories, while the chocolate mousse is 410 calories. Yum!

Houlihan's offers a key lime mousse at just 420 calories

When I first looked at the menu, I had a hard time deciding what to order. Granted, this isn’t an unusual issue. Typically, it’s because everything looks sort of the same and nothing stands out. At Houlihan’s, the menu is the opposite. Even with a smaller set of choices than the usual huge and yummy menu, the lighter fare has me doing eenie meeenie minie moe to decide what to order because they all sound amazing. Do I go with the lemon and herb grilled chicken? Or maybe the miso grilled salmon? Or the rice noodle salad with ginger-soy USDA prime top sirloin?

Even the sides play into my decision. When was the last time you saw organic veggies on a menu? The chicken comes with Tuscan white beans, organic kale-spinach-chard blend, roasted artichokes, tomatoes, and an herbed broth. The grilled miso salmon offers a stir-fried quinoa and ended up being my choice by a nose, although I almost ordered the noodle salad. Instead, I talked my friend into ordering it so I could cheat and share from her plate.

Houlihan's lighter fare menu includes a miso grilled salmon at 540 calories

And oh when they arrived was I in heaven. They are plated so beautifully, and the lower calories aren’t made by skimping on the portions. I actually took home some of my chicken, although I will admit that was partly so I could justify ordering that key lime mousse! They tasted as amazing as they sounded, and I may have unconsciously sighed with happiness as I took my first bite.

My friend loved her meal, as well, and my taste made me almost wish that I’d ordered the So Cal Fish Tacos (not on the lighter fare menu) instead of the salmon. I loved that they came with a side of chips and salsa. Then I realized there was a perfect solution. I just have to come back to Houlihan’s again. Right now, these items are on the menu for a limited time, so I will need to scoot there quickly!

So Cal Fish Tacos from Houlihans

You have a chance to enjoy this menu, too. I have a $50 gift card to Houlihan’s to give away to one lucky reader. Simply follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below to enter, and good luck!

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  • Mary Happymommy

    The miso grilled salmon sounds good.

  • Jessie C.

    I would like to try Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken

  • Kelly D

    I would like the Rice Noodle Salad.

  • Andrea Johnson

    i like the rice noodle salad

  • Mary L Cottingham

    Rice Noodle Salad with Ginger-Soy Prime Top Sirloin

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  • wild orchid

    I would love to try the lemon and herb chicken!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
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  • Taryn T.

    I guess it is bad to start with dessert first, but I want to try the key lime mousse, and the chocolate mousse. The salmon looks delicious as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Taryn T.

    I added you to my circles! Left my name in the space on the rafflecopter. Thanks again!

  • Harmony B

    The sirloin steak salad

  • meredith

    I think I would like to try the miso grilled salmon

  • Jennifer Finn

    I would try the key lime mousse. I like this blog because of how open it is

  • tammy shelton

    The Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken looks good.

  • Kristen

    I’d like to try the Rice Noodle Salad with Ginger Soy Top Sirloin.

  • Tina M

    I want to try the miso salmon

  • Melissa M

    The lemon herb grilled chicken looks good!

  • Leah Helenschmidt

    I.would like the rice soup.noodles

  • Solducky

    The miso grilled salmon or the thai grilled chicken sound fabulous!

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    I’m loving the Miso Grilled Chicken! Cant wait to win so I can go taste it~ 🙂

  • raquel perez

    I have you in my circles!
    Raquel perez

  • Marie S

    Grilled chicken!

  • Veronica R

    I would love to try the Miso Grilled Salmon!

  • Em Ma

    The lemon and herb grilled chicken sounds delicious to me

  • rachel

    Definitely the chocolate mousse! Yum!

  • Lori

    I would try the lemon & herb grilled chicken.

  • mysweetiepiepie

    The Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken sounds really yummy.

  • Ann

    the salmon looks great.

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    Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken with chocolate moose sounds yummy.

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  • Bert

    Would like to try the MISO GRILLED SALMON

  • jen peak

    Ginger soy sirloin & chocolate mousse

  • Cynthia Dubuque

    lemon and herb grilled chicken

  • cindy sullivan

    miso salmon

  • Bert

    I would like to try the Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken

  • Elicia P

    Key Lime Mousse sounds so delicious!

  • Summer I

    The chocolate mousse sounds good to me.

  • Kitty Iecvan

    The rice noodle salad looks delicoius!

  • Bert

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  • tammigirl

    I would go for the lemon and herb grilled chicken. I love salmon but miso isn’t healthy for me. If they could do it without the miso I might go with the salmon.

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  • Eunice

    Miso Grilled Salmon!

  • Bert

    YouTube subscriber – Bert Dadtastic

  • Leidy

    The Rice Noodle Salad with Ginger-Soy Prime Top Sirloin sounds yummy, I would love to try it!

  • ashley cossette

    I would love to try the lemon and herb chicken!

  • Deb K

    I would like to try Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken

  • Mindy S

    I’m a salmon girl so I would like to try the Miso Grilled Salmon.

  • Mindy S

    Pinterest username is bichonmom1

  • Dusty Schnur

    The lemon and herb chicken sounds amazing!

  • Christa Bengtsson

    I would love to try the lemon and herb grilled chicken.

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