How to cut greens and herbs

How To Chop Herbs And Greens

September 26, 2013 by Michelle

We’ve all been there.  We want to make something for a recipe, and we have to chop herbs.  They don’t want to cooperate and keep sliding all over the cutting board, and in the end, none of them are the same size or shape.  At that point, we generally don’t care.  Fortunately, cutting herbs is easier than you think with just a couple little tricks that anyone can do.  The same goes for cutting greens, especially kale, the yummy but sort of tough one in the family.  Never again will you close your eyes or run to hide when you are told to “chiffonade” something.

How to cut greens and herbs

These are tricks I learned a long time ago, but they’re ones I use every day to make my cooking prep faster and easier – and that’s what we all want.  Our live are crazy enough, and wherever we can find little tips and tricks, they’re there to make life easier, so take advantage of them.  So when the #VlogMom prompt asks me to teach you something, you know we’re going to visit my kitchen!

See?  Truly simple, although I have to admit upfront that I’ve never rolled a tobacco leaf.  It’s a good analogy though, I think.  What is your best kitchen tip or trick?

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