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How to organize your bathroom top to bottom. Includes a free printable for labels to keep yourself organized

Little Miss has a nasty spider bite. Needless to say, the first time she showed it to me, I ran upstairs to get some first aid cream. What should have been a thirty second exercise because five minutes of sifting through the items that have accumulated in our bathroom cabinets in the year that we’ve lived in this house.

Apparently, it isn’t only the kitchen counter that’s a magnet for random detritus.

Problem bathroom

Underscoring the need to find a better system for the bathroom, when I went to change the toilet paper roll the next day, I realized – too late – that we were actually out of toilet paper. I thought there was just one more roll in the cabinets, but without an organized area to keep our toilet paper and other supplies, I was wrong.

Messy under the cabinet

Yep, that’s the perfect excuse for a trip to Target. Not only was I going to purchase more toilet paper (even with four bathrooms in our house, we need to keep a roll in each one rather than ending up only able to use one bathroom because that’s the only place that hasn’t run out yet), but I decided I needed to figure out how to organize your bathroom – and mine while I was at it.

I picked up some great bins that I decided to use for items that live in the cabinet – and on top of it – that so often make a mess. I’m tired of looking at the mess and not being able to find what I need. And in an effort to further eliminate mess and waste in the bathroom, I picked up the new Scott Naturals Tube Free toilet paper, too.

Finding Scott Naturals Tube Free at Target

I love the idea that the Scott Naturals Tube Free toilet paper works exactly the same as the kind we’ve always used, but it’s missing something. No longer will I have to poke through the garbage to recycle the empty toilet paper tubes, but no one has the excuse of not wanting to change the roll. Nothing has to be removed, which for whatever reason seems to be the biggest issue.

No roll in Scott Tube Free

Instead, I have the same high quality bath tissue, and one less area where I can end up with mess in my bathroom. There are 17 billion toilet paper tubes thrown away every year (and I swear, it feels like they all come from my house!), which is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice! I’m glad I’ll no longer be contributing to that waste. The environmentally friendly person in me is pretty happy right now.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s also a printable coupon for $2 off Scott Naturals Tube Free? That’s almost 50% off the price of a 4 pack, which made the choice to try it out a no-brainer for me.

Scott Tube Free TP leaves no mess

Now on to the fun part. The organization of the rest of it. Granted, I could just take everything on my counters and shove them under the cabinets. I’ve *cough* tried that route before when we’ve had company that’s never been to our house, but that isn’t exactly the smart way to go about it. And besides, I bought bins!

How to Organize Your Bathroom

The first step is to take everything out of your cabinets. Yes, everything. This is one of those projects where you’ll end up a mess in an effort to clean. It’s a good thing though, trust me. Once your cabinet is empty, this is a great time to wipe it down and get any dirt and dust out of it.

Clean out under the sink first

Next, take stock of the items you have. I discovered that we have five containers of cotton swabs. Five, because they were all buried in different areas of the cabinet, and each time my husband has told me we’re out, I buy him more. I’m pretty sure I won’t have to buy more cotton swabs for the next few years. In addition to discovering the duplicates you have, go through your medicines and makeup and the like to determine what you no longer use and what is out of date. I found a great homeopathic cough medicine that I’d never opened that unfortunately had dried up. Those are the things that can – and should – go, which will help make your organizing a whole lot easier.

Once you know what you have, separate them into categories. Each person will have their own categories, but mine ended up being things like prescriptions, first aid, razors, deodorant, oral care, makeup, etc. I separated every item I was keeping into the category that best fit it. From there, I could figure out the best size bin for each category. My feminine care items needed just a small bin while shampoo and conditioners required the biggest bin.

How to organize your bathroom with bins

Just putting the items into bins is a great first step, but you also need to be able to grab the appropriate bin quickly when you need something. Fortunately, I created labels to go on each bin. If you have a label maker, you can make your own labels to fit your category. I also created a free printable that includes 24 of the most common items found in bathrooms, and you can easily print this onto labels or onto regular paper and then tape them onto each bin.

Once your items are in labeled bins, stack them in your cabinet with the label facing out. Now you can see what you have at a glance, and it keeps everything at your fingertips. Best of all, I now have room (again) to not only store my toilet paper but to see exactly how much I have left so I don’t end up in this predicament again!

Organized under the sink area

The next time I have a sick child or someone with an injury, I’ll be able to quickly and easily grab exactly what I need. And did I mention how satisfying it is to walk into the bathroom and feel like it’s a sanctuary again instead of just one more place clutter has accumulated?

The final product result of how to organize your bathrom

I’ve shown you my ideas on how to organize your bathroom. What are your favorite tips?

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  • Erlene

    I love how you used clear boxes to organize under the cabinets. I need to do this in the kids’ bathroom upstairs. Oh, and I LOVE the new tube-free rolls. The kids even mentioned how they like not having to throw out any rolls and can just pop a new roll on.

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