How to Organize Leftovers

How To Organize Your Leftovers

September 12, 2013 by Michelle

I joke sometimes that I’m a child of the Depression.  I hate to throw things away that can still be used.  Couple that with my love of cooking and baking, and you have trouble.  Fortunately, I have no shame, and I’ve figured out how to organize my fridge that will add minimal time to my busy day.

Of course, when I first saw this week’s #VlogMom prompt, I was stumped.

What will you do to turn over a new leaf?After all, with getting my house ready to sell, I cleaned and organized and straightened and decluttered.  And I’m getting caught up on just about everything I need to.  I’m perfect, right?


Today, I opened my fridge to get something to make for lunch, and inspiration hit me.  I had two big Pyrex storage containers filled with… something red.  What were they?  Were they new?  Old?  Moldy? (Hey, it’s happened.)  I had to open them to see.  One was the homemade tomato sauce I made last week for pizzas.  The other was barbecue sauce I’d made a couple months ago.  Oh yeah.

Yep, I was inspired to turn over a new leaf…

To help ensure I keep up with my organization, I placed those nifty Post It note strips in a drawer in my kitchen with the Sharpie and tape.  There’s no excuse for me to not label what an item is now, but it’s out of the way.  Next up?  Emptying out that freezer!

How to Organize Leftovers



  • HouseTalkN

    I love your expressions! Will you come get me organized?

  • Jennifer Bullock {}

    We throw away lots and lots of leftover too, it makes me sad but sometimes things get pushed in the back. Oopsie. Thanks for the ideas!

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