How To Travel With Liquids

April 17, 2013 by Michelle

I just got back from Denver, and as I was packing to head out on my trip, I realized I’m probably a little unique in how I pack everything.  I’ve talked before about packing everything you need to take to a conference, as well as how to get it all to fit in your suitcase.  I’ve traveled often enough that I can pretty much pack in about twenty minutes, start to finish, and I have a system.

And like most travelers, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make things easier from packing shoes last and placing them face up so they don’t get anything else in my suitcase dirty (if I’m too lazy to get a bag to put them in) to having a place for everything each time I pack so that i always know where my chargers are or my makeup or a coat if I have to grab it quickly.

This time around, I’m talking about traveling with liquids, and I don’t mean the “you can only have liquids or gels 3.4 ounces or less that must all fit within a sealed quart size bag” kind of traveling with liquids.  I mean avoiding the mess of your liquids exploding or leaking in your suitcase so that you don’t waste or ruin anything you traveled with.

Totally simple and doable, right?  So what’s your best travel tip?

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  • Samantha

    What a fabulous idea – LOVE it! Thanks so much! We will be traveling this summer and this definitely helps.

    • Michelle

      Have fun on your travels, and I hope this does help you. It’s a pain when liquids leak, and this is an easy fix!

  • Pat

    Great tip! I don’t travel often enough to have developed tips for people, but I’m glad there are tips like yours on the internet! Oh, I thought of something…I use the hotel’s or ship’s plastic laundry bag to put my clothes that need washing into…and take them home and wash them myself…in case I forget to pack a bag for laundry.

    • Michelle

      Welcome to the life of a former management consultant. You’d be amazed by my Tetris-like packing skills 😉 I always use the netting in the side of my suitcase for dirty clothes, but that hotel laundry bag definitely gets pressed into use sometimes!

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