I Don’t Think They Celebrate

December 30, 2010 by Michelle

One more last quick fun with Christmas before it’s really time to move on. To recap: while I refuse to acknowledge and celebrate holidays early (really, Target – do you have to have your Valentine’s Day stuff out before Christmas day?), I also like to drag out the celebrating of Christmas a bit. Our tree will be up until the second week of January.

The main point though… at the beginning of December, Melisa and I were at a store where she happened to notice some interesting Christmas cards. I debated buying them just for the fun of sending them – and to see who would notice – but I didn’t, which is why not all my Christmas cards are even out yet.

So would you have bought these?



  • Lisa Hanneman

    I think it just means a really, really Merry Christmas. Kind of like, I'm soooo excited?

  • Kimberly

    I think if the card had been designed with less of a traditional look, I might have been coerced into believing it was on purpose. However, with the traditional style of the card, I firmly believe it's a typo!

  • Kori

    I think that is hilarious, and I would totally buy them. Do I think people would notice? Naw…but I think THAT would make me laugh even more about it!

  • Tara R.

    Shows you how bad I am, took me looking at the card for about 3 minutes to see it.

    Those are hilarious, you really should get them to send out.

  • Melisa with one S

    I agree with Kimberly: when I saw them on the shelf, I was trying to figure out why they spelled it that way, thinking it was on purpose. But definitely, NO. 🙂

  • Laural Out Loud

    It's how Santa would say it! Probably a mistake, lol.

  • Mary~Momathon

    Haha! No, I wouldn't have purchased and mailed the cards. I would have taken a photo and blogged about it! Love it!

  • Michelle

    Lisa – I like your theory better than mine! It's far more ummmm charitable.

    Kimberly – I'm definitely with you. The whole thing sorta cracks me up.

    Kori – Part of the fun for me would be in seeing who noticed. Buuuuut I'm with ya that I bet most people wouldn't!

    Tara – Shhhh don't tell but Melisa had to point out the card to me before I noticed….

    Melisa – I still think you should have bought them and sent them. It would have been way too perfect!

    Laural – Another good theory. I like it.

    Mary – I'm glad someone's there with me on that one. 😉 Then again, Melisa DID tweet it that day. She's a bit more timely than me, I suppose.

  • Pat

    Lol–I, Ms. grammar policewoman, didn't notice anything wrong at first, till I started reading some of the other comments, and then I noticed the extra R.

    I guess that's probably what happened with the Christmas card editors…They read what their brain told them it said–2 Rs.

  • Mrs4444

    It took me a while to figure it out, too. I don't think most people would notice, especially when opening it this time of year (everyone's in a rush!) 🙂

  • septembermom

    That typo (if that's what it is) would bug me too!

  • Bani

    i honestly didnt notice the typo..it took me a bit I had to reread it twice.

    how funny!!

  • Michelle

    Pat – I do it all the time. I know what I MEAN to say, and that's what I read… even when it's not what's in front of me.

    Mrs4444 – Probably not, but I still get a secret little giggle from it!

    Kelly – But would you send it to people just to see who said anything?

    Bani – It's just so not expected, especially with such a simple phrase. Go fig!

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