If You Give A Mom A Moment…

September 17, 2009 by Michelle

Before I get started, quick reminder that I have a green gift bag giveaway going on here.


If you give a mom a moment, she’ll take a deep breath.

And then she’ll cough because she’s realized it’s been awhile since she last dusted, and she just inhaled a lungful of who knows what.

If a mom starts dusting, she’ll notice that there’s a piece of a Lego sitting on the shelf, so she’ll go put the Lego away.

If a mom puts a Lego away, she’ll notice that there’s something sticky sitting in the bucket where the Legos below, so she’ll take the bucket to the sink.

If a mom takes the bucket to the sink, she’ll notice that someone put dishes into the sink instead, so she’ll start to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

If a mom starts to put dishes in the dishwasher, she’ll notice that it wasn’t emptied — simply opened and shut again once someone realized all the dishes were clean — and she’ll start to put dishes away.

If a mom starts to put dishes away, she’ll set the ones that go into the locked cabinet on the counter because it’s just easier that way.

If a mom sets the dishes that go into a locked cabinet onto the counter, she’ll notice that there’s a school form that needs to go back to school sitting on the counter.

If a mom sees the school form sitting on the counter, she’ll head into the office to get her checkbook to send yet another payment into school.

If a mom goes to get her checkbook, she’ll realize that she needs to also send a check to the doctor to pay for the last visit and puts that in the mailbox.

If a mom puts a check to the doctor in the mailbox, she’ll realize that it’s after 10:30 and the mailman already came and she’ll have to go to the post office, so she hops in her car.

If a mom hops in her car, she’ll realize that no one filled up the gas tank and she needs to get some gas.

If a mom goes to get some gas, she’ll open up her purse to pay and see that she left her wallet at home, so she has to go back home before finishing her errands for the day.

If a mom goes back home to pick up her wallet, she’ll walk in the house and see the coats sitting all over the floor, so she’ll start to hang them up.

If a mom starts to hang up the coats in the closet, she’ll see that a breakfast plate was tucked into the closet when a child started to put on shoes.

If a mom sees a plate tucked into the closet, she’ll return to the kitchen where she’ll see the items that need to be put into the locked cabinet.

If a mom puts the items into the locked cabinet, she’ll spot the bottle of wine also tucked into the corner.

If a mom spots a bottle of wine, the mom will grab the wine, wine glass and corkscrew — all of which are where they belong because everyone knows to NOT TOUCH those items.

If a mom grabs her wine supplies, she’ll take a moment.

If you give a mom a moment….

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  • heidi

    It's so funny how many of these are about how you start with one chore and move on to the next without end! I'm with you on grabbing the wine supplies. Cheers!

  • Jenn M

    Isn't that the truth!

  • Emmy

    Very very good! And sometimes we wonder why we never seem to get anything done. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wrote on this prompt today too.

  • Megryansmom

    and when asked what you did all day, the reply is always, oh nothing!

  • septembermom

    That sounds like a typical day! Funny, but true post, Michelle ๐Ÿ™‚

  • morninglight mama

    Simply perfect!!

  • Gigi

    So eloquently put!

  • Karen

    Who CANT'T relate to that? WHY is it universal? And thank goodness for mommy taking a moment.

  • Margaret aka: Fact Woman

    Are you living my life??? You hit the nail on the head with this one.

  • MaBunny

    Too Freakin' funny! Love it!

  • H F W

    You said it waaay too well!!

  • Pat

    I thought I was the only one who did this, and I was really seriously starting to wonder if I had ADD.

    I love the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie style!

  • Pat

    Oh, and BTW, I have no more kids at home and I still do chores like this.

  • Shelly Overlook

    This is fabulous!

  • Michelle

    heidi – You and I might have to go have a litte wine party. There are definitely days I contemplate it!

    Jenn – Ummm sadly, yes. It hits a little too close to home.

    Emmy – Thank you! I know exactly why it seems like I get nothing done, but that's another issue entirely!

    Megryansmom – Actually, my answer usually is “I ended up having to work.” Especially lately.

    Kelly – Is it really funny though when it's that true and that depressing?

    Dawn – Aww, thanks!

    Gigi – I'm liking these compliments. My head is swelling!

    Karen – My mom who apparently finishes everything she started, so I have a complex ๐Ÿ™‚

    Margaret – Apparently I'm living a lot of people's lives. Maybe that's my problem!

    Marcy – Thanks!

    Hyacynth – That's because I live that life day after day after day after….

    Pat – Umm nope, it's not just you. And YAY you got it. I was beginning to wonder if I'd been too obtuse ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shelly – Thanks! It was definitely a fun one to write. Depressing, but fun.

  • Mrs4444

    Loved this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fishsticks and Fireflies

    You just recounted my day PERFECTLY! So glad to know I am not alone!

  • Melisa with one S

    So cute! What happens if you give a mom a cookie or a pancake? haha (those were some of our favorite books!)

  • bettyl

    So funny!

  • Michelle

    Mrs4444 – Thanks. Like I said, fun to write!

    Nichole – Oh no. No no no, you are NOT alone. Apparently this is a way of life.

    Melisa – I have no idea. Has there ever been a time in history when a mom has been given a cookie or pancake?

    bettyl – Glad you liked it. Definitely my aim this time. Just promise not to laugh when I'm not trying to be funny.

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