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April 3, 2009 by Michelle

I almost thought I didn’t have much to write about today. I’ve spent the majority of my day today putting together the presale and marketing brochure for the wee ones’ preschool’s annual fundraiser. It hasn’t been the most exciting day.

I did realize this morning that our basketball hoop fell down, but really… all I have to say about that is that I’ve been telling my husband since we moved in three years ago that the hoop is starting to rust and that he needs to take care of it. He needs to file off the rust and refinish it before it rusts through. He needs to get some metal bands that he can use to reinforce the rusted part.

It all falls on deaf ears.

Needless to say, both the wee ones were very disappointed when they saw it this morning. They both really liked having a hoop in their driveway, although they admittedly are a little too young to truly play. That and Mister Man hates to see anything broken or messed up.

My husband called me just a bit ago to see how my day was going, and I filled him in.

Him: So, did you see the basketball hoop?
Me: Yeah, it’s pretty hard to miss. The wee ones were pretty bummed.
Him: I can imagine. Mister Man doesn’t like to see things get broken.
Me: Nope. I’ve been telling you for three years to do something about that though.
Him: Yeah, I know
Me: You’re really lucky that the hoop didn’t fall on your car, you know? (his car lives outside on the driveway — it’s a small two car garage)
Him: Yeah… about that
Him: Umm, it kinda fell over on my car last night.
Me: Oh my. How bad is the damage?
Him: Well, I have a couple of pretty significant dents in the trunk area. I’m planning to stop at a few body shops on my way home tonight.

On the other hand, that does explain why the hoop wasn’t embedded in the ground when it fell. I was trying to figure that out. At least this mystery was easier to solve than that of the tree.

Thank God for Wildfire. I’m off to the Supper Club in Glenview tonight, and there’s a martini flight there with my name on it.


  • Roxane

    Oh Man! That sucks! Thank Goodness no one was hurt.. Men, they are all the same lol enjoy that martini!

  • H F W

    OK, not funny, but at the same time I’m laughing at the phone conversation. And the fact that he picked it up off the car and put it in the grass.
    Could you have a martini or seven for me, too?

  • septembermom

    Our basketball hoop fell a couple of years ago. It freaked my kids out when they saw it. Gratefully, our minivan wasn’t under it. Good luck with all your work for the fundraiser. Relax a bit if you can:)

  • Ryan Ashley Scott

    I’m impressed. Mostly that he didn’t curse and scream so loudly when he found it that he woke up all the neighbors AND you heard about it through the reverberating house. Nope, he just picked it up (a la superman) and moved it over. Easy peasy. My husband would have broken an arm trying to beat the metal to death. πŸ˜‰

  • Angie's Spot

    Ok, I’m laughing so hard at this (sorry about the car damage). This sounds just like something that would happen around here. My hubby tunes me out anytime I start asking him to do something around here. For 3 years, I asked him to clean out the carport. When I finally hired a handyman to do it and haul all the crap away, he had the nerve to get pissed at me for it. Men.

  • Veggie Mom

    Oh, but ya gotta love him anyway, huh? Please let me know how the fundraiser goes. Love to hear if Pop’rs are a hit!

  • Sheryl

    I really hate when that happens.

  • Debbie

    Ouch. Sorry to hear about the car. I hope the damage isn’t too costly.

  • Melisa with one S


    I hope you had fun and Wildfire wasn’t out of martinis or anything…

  • Michelle

    Roxane – Yes, no one being hurt is definitely a good thing. And I’ll leave it at that πŸ™‚

    Hyacinth – Oh I should have. Sadly I actually had nothing to drink last night at all. I was so tired I figured I’d fall asleep at the table if I drank anything.

    septembermom – Count your blessings πŸ™‚ And I took a little time for myself today, so it’s all good. I’m 99% of the way done with the brochure, although more donations are still coming in. I’m cool with that though!

    RAS – Yeah… I think he was horrified that my prediction came true and was busy trying to figure a way out of it πŸ˜‰

    Angie – Yikes. I think I’m bummed that he’s not the only one who does that, but at the same time, I feel strangely comforted by that fact!

    Veggie Mom – I’m excited about the fundraiser, and I’ll definitely let you know about the Pop’rs. We haven’t received them yet, but we’ve got plenty of time before the event itself πŸ™‚

    Sheryl – Wait, you’ve had that happen, too? Please tell me it ain’t so!

    Debbie – Ugh, yeah… the estimates are in the $1,200-1,800 range. BUT we’ve discovered that Acts of God (like the hoop falling on the car) don’t raise your insurance rates and our comprehensive deductible is only $250 (vs $1,000 for collision), so it won’t be as bad as I thought. It’s still his birthday present from me though πŸ˜‰

    Melisa – I don’t think they were, but I had none. I did enjoy the wine tasting at Caputo’s today though — and bought two yummy bottles of wine! Do you ever go there?

  • Melisa with one S

    I still have never been to Caputo’s. I think there’s one in Wheaton/Glen Ellyn. I need to head over there; you’re not the only person I know who raves about it…

  • Michelle

    Melisa – Yep, there’s another one somewhere down there… Caputo’s rocks. It’s definitely not the closest to me, but I just got home from Dominick’s where red peppers were $3.29. Caputos yeterday? $1.69. The list goes on and on. People always tell me how much they love it when I mention it, too… that and I’ve had two people tell me I need to keep driving down Randall to Woodman’s. I’m telling ya — the commercials really freak me out though.

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