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So then this showed up at my door.

Hosting a Disney @ Home #DisneySide party?  Check out what's in the box!

I am so beyond excited to host a Disney @ Home #DisneySide party.  We’re planning to have a Brownie meeting with my daughter and her friends where they all create logos that represent themselves based off their favorites from Disney.  I think it will be not just a truly fun afternoon but a truly empowering one for them, as well.

Lucky for me, Disney (via BSM Media) sent me a box filled with all sorts of goodies to help me plan and execute my party.  While not every item fits perfectly with what we’re planning, there are a ton of great ideas inside, and I can’t wait.  There are cool ideas to break the ice and get the girls brainstorming on how they want to create their logos, as well as ways to create and capture memories that will make this an afternoon they’ll never forget.

I haven’t told the girls about the upcoming party yet.  Another mom who has been so generous in offering to help me run the party/meeting, and while we think we know exactly what we’re doing, we haven’t finalized our plans yet.  Changing anything would definitely lead to “where’s the…” from at least my daughter!

There are so many options, too.  I think immediately of Mickey Mouse when I think of Disney, but Walt’s empire has stretched so much further than that.  I sit now looking at my Disney Infinity with characters atop it ranging from Buzz to Sully to Jack Sparrow to Mrs. Incredible, and that’s just a small piece of it.  No matter who you like best or what your favorite movie or aspect is, there’s always room to portray your #DisneySide.  What’s yours?

And yes… now I’m really missing Disney World.  I need a vacation there soon!

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