I’m Playing TV Host

January 10, 2013 by Michelle

I adore the #VlogMom prompts. With Christmas and winter break from school, I haven’t had a chance to participate, but I couldn’t pass up this week’s prompt. Tina from Life Without Pink challenges us to play tv host for the day an interview someone. How fun!

I first debated interviewing myself, but I decided I’m not nearly interesting enough for that.  You already know enough about me anyway, right?  I was going to interview a friend of mine who amazes me with the things she’s done every time I talk to her. Last night I learned she used to participate in road rallies and had her master instructor’s certificate for downhill skiing.  Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t mesh, but I’ll still interview her one day soon.

Instead, I chose Mister Man … because he’s cute.  And he cracks me up.  And most importantly?  Because he was available.  Please excuse the slight camera shaking when I’m on camera.  Mister Man wanted to hold the camera, and he’s not quite a steady photographer… yet.

You’ll love his words of wisdom.  I hope!


  • Theresa

    Ok, that is so freaking cute!!! Love it!

  • Maria

    That was a great interview! You have inspired me to try to get my kids more involved in cooking something other than sweets. Be sure to ask Mr. Man, what time we should be over for dinner? 😉

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