VlogMom I'm too old for this question

I’m Too Old For….

March 7, 2013 by Michelle

What’s the phrase?  You’re only as old as you feel.

There are days when I would swear I’m still a high school student, and others when I curse myself and am pretty sure I know exactly what I will feel like when I’m 90.  Fortunately, most days are somewhat in between.  While I’ve gotten older, I’m not old yet.  And “old” seems to apply to people of a significantly greater age than it did just a few years ago.  My 68 year old parents?  Nahhh, they aren’t old.

This week, Kelli from Momma Needs a Beer poses an interesting question

NONE of us VlogMoms are “OLD”… but I’ll admit, there are some things I feel I’m “too old” for. Share something you feel you’ve outgrown, &/or found yourself attempting to do, then quoting Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.

VlogMom I'm too old for this question

So first of all, I have to admit that I’ve never seen Lethal Weapon.  So you aren’t getting any quotes from me.  Sorry, Kelli.  I’d love to see quotes on what I’m missing though, so feel free to share those in the comments.  I do have some interesting things that I came up with that I’m too old for.  The good news? I had to think a lot to come up with more than two.  What are you too old for?

Better yet, what are you not too old for.  I did of course have to flip the question around and share the things I still do that maybe have me not acting my age….

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  • Headless Mom

    Me, and anyone else over the age of 40, are too old for short shorts, micro mini skirts, and low-rise anything.

    • Michelle

      Oh my friend. Micro miniskirts? Gah! That prohibition goes for SO many people 😉 I gotta say though that I love low rise pants – not obnoxious low rise but on my hips. I have a super high waist, and other pants are just not comfortable – nor are they flattering. Fortunately, I’m not 40 yet 😉

  • Patty

    You are just awesome my friend 🙂 happy Friday. Loving the vlogs!

    i’m too old for the junk food I use to love! not anymore. And I’m not too old to go around the toy store (FAO Schwartz) playing with everything as I shop for birthday presents for the kids in my family! you can’t help but be a kid in there!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Patty! Glad you like them. I will never outgrow the toy stores either. I LOVE browsing the good ones and playing with the toys there. I joke sometimes that I had kids just so I had an excuse to have toys in my house.

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