It’s A Conspiracy

September 23, 2009 by Michelle

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Looking at this array of socks, how many children would you guess I have?

Let me clarify. While I’m not one of those moms who does laundry every night, I keep on top of it (side note: seriously, for those of you who do daily laundry, how do you do that? How do you find the time to get everything in, washed, dried and put away?). In fact, I did laundry on Saturday. All the laundry. I swear I did.

Go back and count the socks. And notice the six socks with no brothers or sisters.

Seriously, how does Little Miss have eight pairs of socks (not including the dark pairs that I haven’t yet washed but will once she wakes up from her nap) and Mister Man go through seven pairs of socks in a four day period? Plus the random six socks (five of which are Little Miss’s) that jumped into the laundry basket.

I’m beginning to think someone’s trying to get me to slowly lose my sanity. However, this does explain why Mister Man had only one pair of socks in his drawer this morning when he got dressed. Well, sort of. I did buy him a ten pack of socks to supplement his existing supply four weeks ago.

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  • Megryansmom

    I think that daily laundry thing comes with age. I used to wonder how my mother did it and now I wonder how my daughters DON'T. I toss one load in everyday, to me it's easier than doing 4 loads at once. Give it time, when you hit 45 you may see the light LOL

  • Unknown Mami

    I think socks have a life of their own.

  • WeaselMomma

    You would think that if you put all the socks in the same drawer they would learn to reproduce.

  • S3XinthePantry

    I think our socks reproduce too and it is always a mystery why some kids have more clothes on a weekly basis than others…and then it changes… and then again.. laundry – it never ends!

  • Karen

    If I didn't do laundry daily I'd be lost in the heap trying to dig out. But my part consists of washing, drying and folding. The kids are in charge of sorting and putting away. Which also explains why there are baskets full of laundry sitting everywhere all the time.

  • H F W

    Hands down, socks are the worst part about laundry. I wish I lived in a climate where we never had to wear socks ever. Maybe you could buy another pack for each kid?

  • Pat

    I can so identify with your sock frustration! Imagine the sock storm with 3 sons and a husband. I was convinced there was a black hole somewhere in our house or washer where socks were swallowed up, leaving their mates behind.

  • septembermom

    Socks are my nemesis. I hate that question, “Mom I can't find any socks!”

  • Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom

    LOL – we have a terrible time with socks here too! If anyone out there has a strategy that works, I'd love to hear it!! 🙂

  • Cookie

    When guessing how many kids you have, do husbands count?

  • Michelle

    Megryansmom – Yeah, but I only do laundry when I have a full load… I don't have a full load on a daily basis. Plus, with working, I literally don't have the time to do daily loads.

    Unknown Mami – And apparently they also multiply and mutate.

    WeaselMomma – I think they do. What I'm worried about is that there is some rogue tom sock (cat) wandering around being daddy to all the new socks.

    S3XinthePantry – It does change. Usually it's Mister Man who has more socks and clothes, but this week it was Little Miss.

    Karen – Yeah, I make the wee ones put away items, too — or at least their socks, underwear and pjs. It sits in a pile in front of their doors, and I don't allow them downstairs to eat breakfast until it's put away. That doesn't always go over well 🙂

    Hyacynth – Eh, even if you lived in that climate, you'd still need to wear socks for Pump It Up, the climbing area in the gym and such… we can never get fully away from socks.

    Pat – Yeah, at least I mix adult male socks with little girl socks with little boy socks. Multiple of the same type would definitely increase the confusion. Hugely.

    Kelly – Yeah, but do your kids hide their socks under and in their beds? I have to send them in once every few weeks to find the stragglers. Or at least some of the stragglers.

    Steph – I'm still waiting! Let me know if you hear one though.

    Cookie – Ummmm this time, no? I only did the wee ones' laundry. Today I did the adult laundry (mixed with the wee ones' new laundry).

  • Ryan Ashley Scott

    Seriously! What is it about socks that make laundry so much more work?

  • Elftea

    There should be sock tracker clips. You could put them on like the little buttons for those corcs shoes.
    Or, like me just buy more socks.

  • Michelle

    RAS – I don't know, but I don't like it. Again, it's a conspiracy!

    Elftea – Yeah, but that would require having the socks correctly being removed from small children's feet and both making it into the laundry basket. At the same time. I think I need homing devices.

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