I was provided a free Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit as part of this sponsored campaign. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Jenny Craig 3 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit - a great way to kick start your weight loss and try out the Jenny Craig program

I just got back from an eight day vacation at an all inclusive resort. While I’d love to share all about my amazing time – and I will – I have some more important business to focus on first. You caught that all inclusive part, right? That means all you can eat and drink, and though I was pretty diligent about not eating when I wasn’t hungry or stopping eating if I wasn’t absolutely in love with what I was eating or drinking at the moment, that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat more than I normally do or more calorie dense foods than I normally do.

Granted, I offset it somewhat with plenty of walking, plus SCUBA diving and other activities, but eating too much leads to only one result. As it is, I’m approaching my 40th birthday – in fact, this trip was my present to myself – and my metabolism is not beyond letting me know that things are changing.

Needless to say, it’s time for me to get back on track with my weight and paying attention to what I eat. I know I do well when I’m told what to do, but I’m always a little loathe to jump into something that’s a huge commitment without fully investigating it first. When I joined my gym, you can bet that I did the full one week trial before signing on the dotted line. I feel the same way about any weight loss program – which I definitely need.

Learning that Jenny Craig – the first weight loss program I ever heard about back in high school – now offers a Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit exclusively at Walmart? Well, that made my day.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit

Not surprisingly, you can pick it up in the diet/weight loss section at Walmart in participating stores. And the kit is beyond just the 23 items for your three days of food. It also includes a special $50 savings when you join a Jenny Craig center, which pays for the 3 day starter kit right there. There is also a certificate for a free initial personal one-on-one consultation at any Jenny Craig center or Jenny Craig Anywhere, which is a perfect way to get yourself started on the right foot.

The 23 items in the Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit give a pretty good representation of the types of items you have to choose from when you are a part of the Jenny Craig program. It’s a great way to try it out and see how it works for you. Personally, I felt like I was unpacking a clown car as I took item after item from the box the first time.

Items in the 3 day Jenny Craig Weight Loss starter kit

The kit includes four chocolate Dream Shakes, three breakfast items (cereal, a cereal bar and a “barscotti”), three lunch items (chicken corn chowder, a chicken salad kit, and a heat and eat meal), three dinner items (all heat and eat items), and plenty of snacks including cookies, popcorn, and protein bars.

I actually found that the allotted food was more than I wanted to eat in a given day. They are small portions, but eating them throughout the day kept me full. I would start with the breakfast item, like the mixed berry bar, which would keep me satisfied for a couple hours before I drank a chocolate dream shake that kept me going until it was time for a late lunch. Both were tasty and didn’t have a hint of a chemical aftertaste – which I tend to be extremely sensitive to.

Breakfast example from Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit

Interestingly, it was only the lunch items that had me wanting a little more food. The chicken salad kit was my personal favorite. I think the applesauce coupled with eating the chicken salad on individual crackers fooled my body into thinking I was eating more food than I actually was – something I know I need to do with food because for me it is as much mental as physical. This is one of those items I could choose to eat almost every day on Jenny Craig – and since you choose your meals, I have the option of choosig my favorites and experimenting with new items, too. There are over 100 meal items to choose from with the full Jenny Craig program, and so many look so delicious!

Lunch sample of Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit

Even though some of the lunches left me wanting a little more food, that isn’t a problem at all with the Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit. The snacks are plentiful. When I wanted something more before dinner, it was easy to grab one of the snacks or an anytime bar and eat just a little something. Even with wanting a snack, I still ended up with the lemon cookies and four of the six anytime bars still left, which tells me I could actually have eaten a little more even though I was satisfied with what I enjoyed on the Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit.

The package also included a folder with an introduction of the program and how to use it. It included a sample day of meals, showing how you can easily use the foods included and couple them with some fresh fruits and veggies you have on hand to create meals you’re happy to enjoy. Me? I loved that the packaging helped remind me for which meal each item was designated. They were packaged in such cute ways, and the meals aren’t just listed on the packaging, they’re also color coded to make it clear and easy. Breakfast is yellow, lunch is green, dinner is orange, snacks are purple, and anytime items are blue. Super simple!

Packaging of a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit Lunch

I made a conscious decision not to weigh myself before and after my three day trial of the Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit. In three days, there are so many factors that can change my weight, and I don’t want to weigh myself more than once a week, but I know changing my eating patterns and getting myself back on track is working in general. It may take a little more time for me to get to where I want to be with regards to my weight – and my fitness level – but I would absolutely go with the Jenny Craig weight loss program.

Looking for something to kick start your weight loss before the holidays? Or after? Or anytime? Would you try the Jenny Craig weight loss starter kit?

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