How to make strawberry lemonade with Keurig brew over ice

Falling In Love With Keurig Iced Tea

June 23, 2014 by Michelle

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We are in the process of moving at the moment, which means that my life is not my own right now. I’m busying moving, packing, unpacking, sorting, and organizing, so I’m looking for any convenience I can get. It is also mid-August hot and humid in Chicago right now, so I feel somewhat honor bound to ensure that the friends and family I’ve conscripted to help me are comfortable. Thanks to the brand new Keurig K40 Elite I received from the Walmart Keurig team, I can keep them cool and refreshed with ice tea, cold lemonade, and yes, even iced coffee.

Keurig now offers the ability to #BrewOverIce with 19 different flavor options from teas to lemonade to coffee - how will you cool off? #shop #BrewItUp

I’ve wanted to Keurig for years. Literally. It’s gotten to the point that I felt like I was the only person I knew who didn’t have a Keurig. Since I’m not a drink three cups of black coffee every morning kind of person, I love the concept of Keurig. There are so many different flavors that I can enjoy to make my coffee taste amazing and also customize it for a fraction of the cost of going out for coffee. And when I’m hosting parties at my house – which yay, I have a new house, I get to do all the time again! – it’s so convenient to allow people to choose whatever they like rather than making either regular or decaf and having that be the only option.

Not ever Keurig K-Cup is a brew over ice option. There are plenty of flavors that are designed to be brewed over ice without tasting watered down. They have extra coffee, tea, or fruit in them to ensure they’re just right for you when you brew the 6 or 8 ounce size over ice. Fortunately, it’s super easy to tell which varieties are made to be brewed over ice and which aren’t by the nifty logo brightly featured on the brew over ice packages. I see that and I know I’m ready to #BrewItUp!

How to tell if you can brew over ice with Keurig K Cups

The Walmart Keurig team sent me three flavors to try out – sweet tea, lemonade, and strawberry pomegranate, fortunately for me, all low calorie drinks. That is such a variety of flavors and tastes, but I’m floored by the fact that Keurig offers 19 brew over ice flavors on their own site plus 26 brew over ice varieties at Walmart ranging from unsweetened black tea to sweet & creamy nutty hazelnut to pea iced tea and more. There are so many flavors I want to stock up on at Walmart, and I have the perfect excuse coming right up!

Our town’s Fourth of July parade just a few blocks away and definitely walking distance. We already plan to have a mini housewarming party after the morning’s parade. When we have people over for a barbecue that day, I can’t wait to offer them up what feels like whatever they can dream up. I’ve already made more of my strawberry lemonade syrup, and I plan to have that available for those who want to make strawberry lemonade the easy way. I’ve tested it out, and it’s perfectly refreshing in this heat and humidity. All I have to do is fill my double walled acrylic tumbler (no glass-  safety first!) with ice, add some of my strawberry syrup, and press brew with my lemonade K-Cup. The ideal strength for brewing over ice is a 6 ounce  or 8 ounce portion using a 16 ounce tumbler filled with ice, but I’ve found that when I add the syrup, I can brew a large cup with my enormous tumblers, and it isn’t too weak.

How to make strawberry lemonade with Keurig #brewoverice #shop #brewitup

In order to be ready for that Fourth of July party, however, I need to get to work on organizing my house. It doesn’t quite feel like a home yet, but it’s getting closer. When I arrived here on Wednesday to prep for the movers who were bringing in furniture from storage, I saw that my first package to the new house had been delivered and I almost cried with happiness when I saw that it was my Keurig. It’s a sign of how welcoming the new house is and how Keurig can help me keep it that way.

Keurig sent my first package to the new house, making it feel like a home!

Not surprisingly, I wasted no time setting it up, especially given the temperatures we’ve been experiencing. When my friend wanted tea and my dad wanted lemonade, while I wanted to try the strawberry pomegranate option, that wasn’t an issue in the least. I simply smiled and prepped all three cups in just a few minutes before handing them out. Thankfully, it was easy to figure out how to make iced coffee and other beverages with the Keurig. My poor dad was hard at work trying to install new locks on the back door, and it’s possible he was using the need to drink his lemonade as an excuse to pause and look at the directions just one more time (shh, I didn’t need to peek at my directions once to make the ice tea and lemonade). Needless to say, he was grateful, and I want to keep him happy since this is definitely not the last project going on in the house.

Taking a break with Keurig Brew Over Ice

Although it seems like the stacks of boxes are never going to disappear, we’re making a lot of progress. I can once again see my kitchen countertops – and they’re granite! There’s a ton more to go, however, and there are times that it feels a little overwhelming. The good news is that I’ve discovered that my Keurig provides the perfect mini-retreat. I can take the few seconds to make a #BrewOverIce beverage and enjoy a few sips before going back to work. My house may not look pretty yet, but with the hard work, it will soon – and my Keurig is helping to keep me sane through all the mess and disorganization that is so not my style.

Keurig Brew Over Ice makes the perfect short term break

Soon enough, everything will be in its place, and my house will truly feel like a home. The Keurig is set up, and I have a Fourth of July party to plan after all!



  • Meghan Cooper

    Mmmm I love lemonade! It’s the perfect summer drink. I made raspberry ice cubes!

  • Jenna Wood

    What a great housewarming gift, and just in the nick of time! I bet you’ll be brewing plenty over ice in the coming weeks as you unpack! #Client

  • Brandie

    Congratulations on your new home! That’s awesome how the Keurig was the first delivery. And I agree…they are so awesome with how K-Cups let everyone choose the flavor they like best. #client

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