LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Naboo Starfighter

LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales

August 29, 2015 by Michelle

Have you checked out LEGO® Star Wars™s Droid Tales yet? Here’s why you want to!

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales to build confidence and creativity

I am of the Star Wars generation. Yet somehow (shhh!) I never saw any of the movies until I had graduated college and a former boyfriend sat me down to watch them. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake with the wee ones, and they adore Star Wars. Mister Man is also in love with LEGOs and decided years ago that he would be a LEGO Master Builder when he grew up. This intimidated Little Miss, which kept her from playing with LEGOs as much as her brother.

But now. Now there isn’t just LEGOs, there are Star Wars LEGOs. And even better? LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales in both an incredibly fun cartoon on Disney XD and of course the accompanying LEGOs. Little Miss is now just as in love with her LEGOs as Mister Man.

We sat down to watch the first episode of the new LEGO® Star Wars™  Droid Tales, and oh my word was it fun. As an adult, I loved some of the sly humor the writers snuck into the script. It is so much fun with the animated LEGO characters that include all my favorites with outsized personalities for their little LEGO selves. The wee ones were just as enamored. They’ve seen the special Yoda Chronicles and Padawan Menace, and this is a perfect extension to the series.

I’ll be honest that I don’t remember the exact details of every Star Wars episode and occurrence within the movies. Mister Man never hesitates to remind me of what I’ve forgotten, but now we have a new way to enjoy them together. LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales is a quick half hour where we can sit together and giggle while we catch up on the story of Star Wars.

Each episode stands on its own as C-3PO tells all the assembled group a story. The series starts with the story of Episode 1 as he remembers it, which includes some elements that weren’t really a part of the movie but are hilarious from Anakin really being an evil little kid who flames when his mother doesn’t serve him the right lunch to Anakin’s original boss selling red flags comically as Anakin is showing his own metaphorical red flags – that, as we all know, the Jedis ignored.

Once we finished watchin LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales, I pulled out a LEGO® Star Wars™ Naboo Starfighter featured in this episode from Anakin’s race. The best part was when I told her this was for her and her alone to put together. Her smile could have lit up a city block.

Thrilled with her new Star Wars Naboo Starfighter

She immediately began putting it together, and of course Mister Man was there to help. I was so proud of how well they worked together. For the first time, Mister Man didn’t try to take over and do it himself. He stuck with his assigned role of finding the next piece Little Miss needed and handing it to her, letting her truly build this herself, and wow was she proud.

Sharing the NEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Naboo Starfighter

LEGOs are a perennial winner in our house. They’ve done wonders for teaching Mister Man patience and persistence, skills he’s sometimes struggled with that he’s been able to transfer from playing to the rest of his life. With autism, flexibility can sometimes be a challenge, too, and while he started out having to be exact and specific – especially when he was “helping” Little Miss – he’s grown so much in his ability to be more flexible in his thinking and how he works that not only results in more creative LEGO creations but also in getting along better with others socially from hanging out with friends in school to working with Little Miss as she builds her new LEGOs.

Working together to build Star Wars Naboo Starfighter

Of course, as soon as she finished building it, she had to go play with not just her Nanoo Starfighter but some of the other LEGO® Star Wars™ we have. I love that the wee ones don’t just build LEGOs and put them up on a shelf. No, they instead create entire worlds of their own with villains and heros, using a variety of LEGOs to bring it to life.

Playing with LEGO Star Wars scene

I think it’s so cool, too, how they can take “extra” pieces they own and create their own additions to the scenes that make the story even more personal for them. It isn’t static, and it’s such a great way to build their imaginations. Fortunately, it’s ok if they retell the story their own way that may not be completely realistic or true to the original movies. That’s the fun of it, and LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales does the same thing – they hold true to the spirit of the movies in the retelling while making it fun and adding a new spin to it.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Naboo Starfighter

Start catching up on the entire Star Wars™ saga today with LEGO® Star Wars™ construction sets and the new Droid Tales series. Click here to start building the universe, and tune in to Disney XD for new Droid Tales episodes as the perfect way for families to learn or relive the saga before the new film comes out later this year.

Imaginative LEGO Star Wars scene

Have you watched LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales yet? What’s your favorite episode?

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Naboo Starfighter closeup

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