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LG Studio Does Kitchens? With Best Buy, Oh My!

October 31, 2015 by Michelle

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LG Studio At Best Buy

If you haven’t figured it out based on all the recipes I share on my site, I love to cook. And bake. And in general, spend time in the kitchen. It’s a gathering place for me, and the mantra that food is love is something that has been passed down to me, and I’m sharing it with my own children.

That said, my kitchen isn’t the kitchen of my dreams. It’s small (hello, 1925 house!), and the appliances are starting to show the love I give them on a daily basis. When my daughter tripped and landed on the open dishwasher door, it bent it so that it hangs past the usual open spot though thankfully I haven’t been forced to replace it quite yet. My oven hums and buzzes every time I turn it on, and I really ought to get it serviced. My fridge freezes meat in the bottom drawer, even on the warmest setting. My microwave sometimes turns itself on when I close the door rather than waiting for me to program it.

So when I stepped into the LG kitchen demo at the Best Buy Suite at Type A Conference a couple weeks ago, you can bet that I was beyond awed. I was late to the LG game, not being as familiar as I should have been until the last few years. But my new favorite phone? It’s my LG G4. LG knows their tech, from design to execution, and this kitchen and its appliances are no different.

LG Kitchen Studio

It is an amazingly sophisticated look. It’s sleek and shiny, with features and tech incorporated into the appliances. I love the oven in our new house where I can choose to proof dough or do a auto convection bake and so much more. The LG Studio oven has ProBake Convection technology to ensure even results when cooking via convection, as well as multi-rack convection bake and convection roast modes so that I can bake batches of cookies even more quickly and easily than I can now. I have to admit, my current oven is a little jealous. Especially of the warming drawer.

Gorgeous LG kitchen

The LG Studio microwave? Well, that’s a whole new level of wow. It has glass touch controls and a mechanical dial to easily program it to do so much more than any microwave oven I’ve ever owned could do. There are six auto cooking options to adjust the times so everything is heated just the way you want. And my absolute favorite part? It has a hidden vent with charcoal filters helps keep your kitchen looking tidy and smelling fresh. Cuz microwaves (especially if “other” people use them) don’t always stay as pristine as they should.

New LG Microwave

And then there’s the fridge. My pet peeve about my current fridge? When I’m entertaining, my side by side fridge just doesn’t have the room for some of the trays and platters I want to prepare ahead of time – as I’ve discovered the hard way. The only plus side is living in Chicago where I have an “outdoor fridge” (read: my deck) that I can use in a pinch for much of the year.

The LG Studio 23.5 cubic food counter depth French door fridge had me drooling the most, however. The spill protector glass means that when people in my house make a mess in the fridge, the entire fridge isn’t coated in it. It can stay just on the one shelf for easier cleanup. And that freezing meat on the bottom? Never again with the 10 (TEN!) temperature sensors in the fridge to keep everything consistently cool. The flexible shelving options means that I could rearrange the fridge to hold what I need for a party and then put thing back to my day to day design. And the huge cake that I know doesn’t fit in my fridge? It would slide in with ease in the LG Studio fridge.

Perfect LG fridge

I love the French door design, and I adore how it makes it so much easier to see exactly what is in the fridge so that you’re less likely to have something sneak to the back and disappear until it has colonized that section and is ready to take over the entire fridge. The slide out freezer below has drawers and compartments to keep everything organized, and the pull out design means that once again nothing hides in the back, never to be seen again.

The LG Studio Series dishwasher has a SignaLight on the door to let you know where it is in the cycle. I’ll admit to opening my running dishwasher to see how much longer before it’s done. Often. It’s Energy Star certified and has a third rack with color coded tines for organization. You know color coded is music to my ears! And you never have to prewash. They get even the most delicate items clean with the TrueSteam generator. No more checking each dish as it comes out to verify that it got clean.

I may be secretly hoping that my own appliances have a mysterious and sudden death soon. The LG Studio collection absolutely blew me away. This is the kitchen I always wanted. Even more cool? This is a designer inspired design thanks to Nate Berkus, LG Studio Artistic Advisor, and the design is integrated with today’s modern kitchen. Every LG Studio appliance is crafted from the highest-quality, premium materials and meticulously designed to incorporate thoughtful, innovative features for a kitchen that’s distinctly your own.

Ready to incorporate some of the LG Studio appliances into your kitchen? You’ll want to head to Best Buy for some great offers that make it even more tempting for me to sabotage my own (not LG Studio) appliances.

  • 5X My BBY Points on all LG Cooking Major Appliances (Runs through 10/31)
  • Save an additional $400 when you create your own 4 piece LG kitchen package (Runs through 11/3)
  • 18 month financing on Major Appliance purchases $599 and up or 10% Back in Rewards
  • Free delivery, haul-away & recycling on Major Appliance purchases $399 and up.

Want to hear from Nate Berkus himself more about the modern kitchen and its design? He sat down with Amanda Dameron from Dwell Magazine to share how a modern family makes the most of their kitchen.

What LG Studio appliance would you buy first?



  • Eva at Kid Minds

    Wow! This is the kitchen of wildest dreams! If I could buy one thing then I would go for a new refrigerator. I have two door model, but i much prefer refrigerators that have space for party trays.

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