Fit Update: Week 26 aka Live A Little

July 15, 2013 by Michelle

So tonight my husband and I went out to eat.  We don’t eat out that often – at least not compared to many people I know.  I enjoy cooking, and with the wee ones’ early bedtimes, we tend to be on to go having fun and need a quick dinner before bed, which precludes eating out regularly.  But my husband had been wanting to go to this burger place for a long time now, and tonight was the night that my mom came over to watch the wee ones so we could go eat.

And did we ever.  The menu was huge with a variety of burgers and other related foods that had a unique twist on them, making me want to try them all.  Cheddar truffle fries?  Yes, please.  Fried macaroni and cheese balls?  Ok, I’ll skip them this time, but they sound intriguing.  And a whole page of drool inducing shakes?  I was in trouble.

Amazing shake list from Prime burger

You wanna know the last time I had a milkshake?  Well, I had one about three weeks ago that I split with Mister Man.  Before that?  I couldn’t even tell you.  Maybe last fall?  Definitely last August when I was in New York.  And  I wanted one.  So I ordered one.

And I ordered a burger.  The garlic Parmesan butter burger, in fact.  With those cheddar truffle fries.

Garlic Parmesan Butter Burger with cheddar truffle fries at Prime Burger in Elgin

And I felt not one iota of guilt.  I was so blown away by the food choices – and then by the food itself, presented marvelously and creatively and yes, causing more drool worthy moments.  (By the way, this isn’t sponsored in any sense at all, although given the publicity I’ve garnered for them, maybe Prime Burger should kick me back something now….)  So of course I took photos of it and posted them via some of my social media channels.

Not shockingly, I got a lot of “yum” type responses and the “omg where are you?” and the like.  Lisa from Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! mentioned that she was jealous because she’d just had a salad for dinner.

Omg. You are killing me. I had salad cuz my friend busted me running into McDonald’s and made me feel guilty.

But that’s just it.  You shouldn’t feel guilty about the food you eat.  You need to be comfortable with your choices and not feel shamed – which is part of our overall problem in general, I think.  My response to her followed along those lines.

 It’s ok. I got busted by Sommer when I posted my shake, but I refuse to feel guilty for enjoying this tonight.

It was her response that hit the nail on the head for me.  She’s got it.  She’s got it exactly (which btw is probably at least part of the reason she’s been so successful in her own weight loss effort).  This is one of those comments that makes me want to jump up and down and say Yes!  Amen!  This is it exactly!

I agree, you have to enjoy sometimes, but McDonald’s is not the right sort of place to splurge, THIS (referring to my amazing dinner) is

So splurge I did.  And I think this is why I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t eat junk on a regular basis.  I don’t have chips simply because they’re there or cake that is meh simply because I was served it or or or.  I’m happy eating the foods I normally eat and listening to my body.  And when I have a chance to splurge like this – a rare occasion and definitely a special treat – I will.  Without feeling badly about doing so.

Besides. I could only eat about a quarter of my burger and less than that of my fries.  The rest came home in a box for me to have for lunch tomorrow… with my husband getting the majority of it for his lunch.

Barely eaten very yummy but very filling dinner

This is where I threw in the towel. And listened to my tummy that said I had had enough.



  • Lisa Noel

    Thanks for the shout out. I definitely think occasionals splurging makes it easier to stick to the rwst of the time.

    Hope you send this to the restaurants pr people. You never know…

  • Jackie

    Oh my… it still looks delicious! I love a good burger & fries and I have to agree that this looks well worth the splurge.

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