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We have two amazing cats, Meow and Roar, and it’s possible they’re just a little bit spoiled. The wee ones absolutely adore them – and so do I. It’s possible that we fight over whose bed they get to sleep in each night (although they solve that by choosing their own beds and rooms), and the wee ones even argue over who gets to feed them and clean the litter each day. They’re spoiled and happy, and of course we want to keep them that way for as long as possible, which means it’s important to us that we’re feeding them the best dry cat food. I’ve fallen in love with GOODLIFE™cat food, a grain free cat food, and so have Meow and Roar.

Enjoying the good life of a spoiled cat

When we first got our cats, we wanted to ensure that they had a ton of personality and would be a good fit for our home. Little Miss was afraid of animals at the time, and I couldn’t stand the thought of having a child who doesn’t adore animals as much as I do. We didn’t have luck searching at our local shelter, but a friend of mine at another shelter where I had volunteered for 11 years until Mister Man started crawling called me one day to say that she had two cats that might be a good fit for us. The cats she found – in her basement at the time – had wandered into an antique shop in Chicago. They appeared to be brothers and were sweet as can be. They were older kittens, maybe 10 months or so, which is on the young side of what we were looking for, but still definitely a possibility. She was willing to bring them to our house to “visit” to see if they would work, and if not, she was planning to bring them to the shelter where she still volunteered for them to find the perfect home.

The perfect kitties #shop

Shockingly, the adorable little guys walked into our home and right into our hearts. Their visit became permanent, and they were absolutely the right cats for us. We were looking for friendly cats who would keep us entertained and love us as much as we love them. They have certainly lived up to our expectations. Within a few days, Little Miss was no longer afraid of them and proceeded to adore them. Meow and Roar adore her right back, and I love how they not only sleep with her but help her with her homework when she’s doing online research.

Kitties helping with homework #shop

They are certainly incredibly friendly. I joke that they are dogs in cats’ bodies. Really, who needs a doorbell when you have our guys? It amazes my friends how quickly I can answer the door, but as soon as they hear someone coming up the walk, they immediately run to the door to investigate and meow to let me know that I need to come look, too. I would call them my guard cats, but since they would let anyone in the house so long as they agreed to pet them, I suppose that moniker doesn’t work too well for them.

Guard cat on the prowl!

Meow and Roar are nine years old now (we think), and they are starting to show their age just a little bit. When they were younger, they would constantly run and play all day long. It always makes me smile to watch them wrestle and play tag all over our house. They still do that a few times a day, but they’ve definitely slowed down and learned to enjoy their catnaps more often. Seeing them curled up together – knowing they have a bond as strong as that of the wee ones – warms my heart.

Kitties sleeping curled up together

I know it’s my responsibility to make sure that they are around to run and play with us for as long as possible. I make sure to give them as much playtime and exercise as I’m able to – and oh the fun we have with laser pointers and Angry Birds dog toys – but getting them the best cat food I can is also important to me. Seeing the impact of diet on cats who were at the shelter where I volunteered for so long made me sensitive to the needs of cats. We have always avoided cat food that has fillers in it, especially ash. Now there are so many grain free cat food options out there, and I have added that to my criteria.

GOODLIFE™ cat food is exactly what I’m looking for. It has no corn, soy, or wheat, and real chicken or salmon is the first ingredient (depending on the variety). It also contains real fruits and veggies without any artificial flavors or preservatives. Add in the fact that it’s available at my local Walmart in the cat food aisle, and I’m set!

Goodlife grain free dry cat food is available at Walmart

Because cats have a somewhat sensitive stomach – yes, I know, shocking when you think of the things you’ve caught your cat eating, right? – it’s important to switch your cat food gradually to allow them to adjust their systems to any new food. When I brought home my new bag of cat food, I set it on the floor unopened so that I would remember to start mixing it in. Apparently the smell of real chicken was a bit of a temptation. Both Meow and Roar came to investigate almost immediately, rubbing up against the bag like it was their new best friend.

Cats love Goodlife grain free dry cat food even before the bag is opened

I didn’t think much of it, planning to start the gradual changeover of food the next morning. Lucky me, I wasn’t sleeping well that night, so I headed down to the couch where I wouldn’t disturb my husband with all my tossing and turning. Shortly thereafter, I heard a scritch scratching noise, and I knew I’d never sleep until I investigated it. When I walked over to where I thought I heard the noise, I saw a guilty little face looking up at me.

One – or both – of our cats had decided they didn’t want to wait until the next morning to try the new cat food. Forget the fact that we free feed our cats and have a bowl of dry food sitting next to the bag of GOODLIFE™ cat food. They wanted it now. And so they knocked it over. And they somehow managed to actually open the bag of cat food by themselves (apparently they were cat burglars in a former life?) and were happily munching from it, which was the scritch scratching noise I’d heard as they rubbed their heads in and out of the now opened bag.

Cats opened the bag of cat food by themselves

I stood there with my mouth agape, trying to figure out how they had managed to do this – and why they were so fascinated by this cat food. I’ve never seen them do this, and our bag of cat food that we had been using was still sitting right next to the knocked over GOODLIFE™ dry cat food, open and untouched. Go figure. Needless to say, I put the bag up on a shelf, which turned out not to be the brightest idea. Roar jumped onto the shelf from (I assume) the washing machine and knocked the entire bag off the shelf. Closing the bag didn’t seem to help either, and I didn’t have a spare bin to store it.

What baby wants, baby gets. And baby wants GOODLIFE™ cat food apparently. I’m thrilled that they love this new cat food, but I do wish they would show their appreciation in a way that doesn’t create a mess for me to clean. But hey, when you ask for a cat with personality, you deserve what you get!

Think your cat might feel as strongly about this as mine do? GOODLIFE™ brand has cat food coupons for $1 off any one bag of GOODLIFE™ dry cat food. What other incentive could you possibly need to go try it and turn your cat into a #goodlifepet? #CollectiveBias


  • Patty

    Oh I love their names! And I adore orange cats. It looks like they have a very Goodlife for sure.

    • Michelle

      Their names were chosen by my son when he was 3… which explains a lot, right? Orange cats rock. They’re definitely the sweetest in general. And since my son wanted a lion instead of a pet cat, it worked out perfectly!

  • Jenna Wood

    They must know about the quality ingredients and ‘real’ fruits and veggies inside! I never question a cat’s nose, mine can find even the smallest morsel of food!

    • Michelle

      It’s interesting to me how some things they know are there and don’t care while others they discover and just will.not.leave.alone. They know what they like! At least I have cats with healthy tastes, right?

  • Alicia

    lol. I love the story of how they got into the bag of food! #client

    • Michelle

      Yeah.. me, too. I think? That is SO my cats!

  • Lynn

    I recently switched my three cats to “goodlife” cat food. They were eating kit & kabodle or meaw mix. Problems with my youngest vomiting it up several times. Read ingredients. OMG! Found this brand at Walmart. This has no corn, soy, etc. my cats love it. Even my finicky cat likes it! Best of all, no more vomiting! Probably was allergic to some of those ingredients. They are all doing well. Munchkin. 16, Katie,10 and gypsy. 6.

  • Amanda

    How funny! My cat did the same thing. I didn’t think anything of it when I had left the new cat food on the couch clear in the living room. I went to get it the next morning to start mixing the new and old. and our cat, White Lightning, had completely ripped into the bag also….

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