Thank you go Logitech for sending me a Logi Circle for review. This has been such a fun device to play with, and all opinions remain my own. (Also? I’m giving one away, too – keep reading for more!)

Logi Circle in its box

This year has flown by so fast. I have yet to mail a single Christmas card, and photos on Christmas? They didn’t happen. Thankfully, my new Logi Circle captures some of those memories I otherwise miss. Check out the fun I had wrapping Christmas presents a couple weeks ago. Really, the fun comes when my daughter arrived home from school and immediately started picking up presents and shaking them. She loves to try to figure out what’s inside her boxes.

Isn’t that the cutest time lapse video?

I can create as many as I want with my Logi Circle, but let me back up a bit first. The Logi Circle is a security camera you have inside your house. It automatically captures a 135 degree angle (thus the fisheye view) wherever you set it up. You can check in live (more on that later) or monitor the previous 24 hours. My favorite feature is the day brief, the time lapse video you saw above.

From the app, simply tap on “Day Brief” and select your options. I love that you can create an automatic video with images compressing the day. With the Circle Safe premium subscription ($9.99/month or $99.99/year per camera), you can create a custom Day Brief that captures a specific span of time and lasts as long as you request it. This would have been perfect for Christmas morning…had someone in my house not accidentally thrown wrapping paper over the Logi Circle almost immediately upon beginning to open presents.

The premium subscription also grants you a 31 day history from your camera, as well as additional detection capabilities so that you know if a person (or pet) comes through the camera range. A $3.99 monthly subscription provides a 14 day history without the extra features, and all cameras come with a free option.

The free option still allows unlimited streaming via the app and unlimited downloads. You can create a timelapse Day Brief, as well. Plus you can set up smart events and smart alerts to help keep you connected at home. That’s fun, and when my kids are a little older, it’ll be nice to monitor the home to ensure they behave appropriately when I enjoy a date night with my husband. And yes, the Logi Circle offers a night vision in addition to recording in regular daylight.

They are old enough now to stay at home alone for an hour or two during the day, and the Logi Circle has come in handy already. If I’m running errands when they get home from school, I can easily check in via the intercom feature from the app in my phone. I can let them know when I’ll be home, tell them to get homework done, or remind them of chores. Since we don’t have a land line, this is a great way to communicate with them. (No, they don’t yet have cell phones either.)

The intercom feature was perfect the day I forgot to take chicken out to defrost. Little Miss heard my request and got the chicken out so dinner wasn’t delayed. Since I can check in on them anytime, this is perfect to ensure they do their homework and aren’t simply playing on their school issued iPads. Finally, I can more easily control the bane of all homework being on the iPads while not having to stand over them.

Those two features take this from being a fun gimmick (the neat Christmas time lapse video) to becoming an essential part of our internal home security and communications network.

Setup was a snap, which I appreciate. This makes it perfect for those who aren’t the most technologically savvy. It took me less than five minutes from the time I opened the box until I watched live streaming video. The Logi Circle comes with everything you need in the box. The magnetic charger ensures the Logi Circle stays put when charging but also provides a strong base. The cord is long enough to charge and still set the camera somewhere that captures great video.

All that comes with the Logi Circle

With 12 hour battery life, you can set the camera wherever you choose (e.g., in the office to monitor homework) then return it to a home base (in our dining room that monitors the majority of our family life) to charge. The Logi Circle comes with both screw mounts and a wall safe mounting tape to hang the Logi Circle on the wall if you choose. The camera itself can also adjust up and down manually, and you can rotate it along a line 180 degrees via the app.

The app is available for both Android and iOs. Download is free and simple. The app walks you through setup with clear instructions. Between getting my Logi Circle out of the box and set up and setting up the app, I enjoyed all its functionality in under five minutes.

Set up the Logi Circle App

You get a warning light when the battery begins to run low, so you can return the Logi Circle to its base. Simply ensure it faces upright and follow the arrow. The strong magnets ensure that the unit attaches securely to the base. Unlike some devices I own, I don’t need to worry that the unit gets bumped and doesn’t charge.

Easily connect the Logi Circle to the magnetic base to charge

My only quibble with the Logi Circle is that the most recent app update flipped the camera. All images are now upside down as I watch them, but that’s easy to flip in the day brief when I edit it and doesn’t impact my monitoring. I’m sure Logitech will issue an update to the app fixing this shortly.

A word to the wise. The first time I tried to use this product, it did nothing. Without a manual in the box, I eventually figured out the issue on my own. The product comes turned off, which makes sense. This way, you have some juice to the Logi Circle when you get it. If you’re like me, you want to use it right away. Turn over your Logi Circle to find the power switch and flip it on.

Note the on and off switch for the Logi Circle

When I first set up my Logi Circle, it worked great then stopped connecting to the app. The error meant that the Logi Circle was low on batteries, the internet was down, it’s out of wifi range, or it isn’t on the charging base correctly. I knew wifi wasn’t the issue, and it was properly set on the base. I decided to turn it off and let it charge fully overnight. The next day, I had the same issue. Searching online, I found a way to reset the Logi Circle, and this solved my issues.

To reset your Logi Circle, open a paperclip and poke the end into the small hole on the back of the Logi Circle. Hold it until you hear a beep. In six seconds, you’ll hear more beeps, at which point your Logi Circle has reset. This also disconnects it from your app, so you will need to connect it to your app again. I have had to do this only once in the month that I have enjoyed my Logi Circle.

Have you ever seen a Logi Circle? How would you use it?

Want to have a Logi Circle for yourself? I have one to give away to a lucky reader. Check out the requirements below, and good luck!
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Use the Logi Circle to monitor your house from the inside with its intercom and time lapse video capability. This is a great gadget for anyone with kids or pets to ensure you know what happens when you aren't in the room.

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    I would love to catch my dog in the act of tearing up our house. He gets terrible anxiety and it would be interesting to see how he acts and what he gets into when we’re away.


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