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So the good news?  I’m within 5 pounds of my goal weight.  And that feels awesome.  Looking at myself, I sort of feel like I have more than five pounds to go, but that’s really more of a reminder that I need to do some toning rather than simply weight.  The part that isn’t so awesome?  Some of my favorite clothes aren’t fitting so well anymore.

I end up having a choice to make.  Do I wear my old clothes that are too big and look a little frumpy – which ironically also makes me look heavier?  Or do I buy new clothes, knowing that they might also not fit shortly and I’ll have to buy new clothes again, something my budget really can’t afford.

Overall, I’m thrilled that I’m a Shaklee Blogger.  I’m impressed by what this program has done that me working out and watching what I eat on my own wasn’t able to do.  I’ve figured out some things about my body that I didn’t know previously, like the fact that I don’t eat enough protein for my body.  Shaklee, for me, has been that last puzzle piece that fell into place to really make the differences that I was working so hard to create.

Which means I now have a clothes dilemma.

Do I look like this?

Shaklee frumpy

Or this where even my freshly washed jeans don’t stay up and create an oh-so-attractive droopy drawers look?

Shaklee droopy drawers

Or do I give in and buy more clothes to augment the ones in my closet that I’d been holding on to for “someday” that has finally arrived?

What do you do when you lose weight?  And what do you do about your old clothes that are now too big?  Do you follow the same philosophy that I do?

PS Shaklee is having a special through June 30. Purchase a Shaklee 180 Turnaround™ or Lean & Healthy Kit and sign up to have them shipped automatically for the first three months, and you’ll get free shipping from Shaklee. Plus, after 90 days when all your packages have shipped, you’ll get a $100 credit to spend on anything Shaklee (excluding Turnaround™ or Lean & Healthy Kits). Offer is valid for new customers and specialists only through June 30!

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  • Debbie

    As I’ve lost weight over the past year, my 13yo daughter has continued to grow, and is 2 or 3 inches taller than me now, and though she is still slim enough, is maybe a size or two bigger than me. So I have her “hand me downs.” She is not always thrilled about it, especially when I decide something she has is cute, and try to convince her she wants to share it, or better yet, give it to me. Only works for casual clothes, she is not exactly wearing suits to middle school.

    • Debbie

      But I don’t think Little Miss is going to be a good source of potential clothing for you. Maybe raid your mom’s closet? She is quite fashionable.

    • Michelle

      I so look forward to the day when I can share clothing with my daughter. Except she’s a stick. And I’m not. I could never share clothing with my mom growing up either. I shot past her size 7 shoe and skipped that size completely somehow. And she’s a size 4 and was a size 2 when I was growing up. *sigh* Plus she’s 4 inches shorter than I am… no sharing going on there…. I LOVE that you can share though!

  • Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

    WTG, that is amazing. I would buy at least one pair of pants that fit right now, just they make you feel not so frumpy. 🙂

    • Michelle

      Awww thank you! I have shorts that fit ok and some capris that used to NOT fit that I can wear. As long as summer finally arrives in Chicago, I think I’ll be mostly ok until fall when I need jeans again. THOSE I definitely need to go buy more of. 🙂 Frumpy? Not a good look, is it?

  • Sommer

    Good post! I always keep one size up for days when I need the bigger jeans but if I am in between I like to wait it out and save for a favorite pair of jeans. I think you are looking fabulous and I’m cheering you on! Is everything else going good? You look amazing the count down is on!!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Sommer. I think I may keep a couple things one size up – favorites and necessities. You don’t want to know what happened with the start of summer and my gym non-membership (I let it expire). I have more excuses than Carter has little liver pills.

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