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Merry Christmas(?) 2014

December 27, 2014 by Michelle

In my defense, I ordered my Christmas cards just after Thanksgiving. I even had them physically in hand by the Monday after Thanksgiving. Addressing them? Writing and printing our annual holiday letter? Mailing them? Well, that may have been a little delayed.

I blame a lack of snow. And unseasonably warm temperatures (that I’d much rather enjoy outside than spend inside licking envelopes). And the lack of sun, which is so demotivating. And really… I have no good reason, but my poor friends and family will likely receive them just before the calendar flips over to 2014, as I finally have the annual letter written as of tonight.

That said, I still need to print out all my letters and address all the cards before getting them in the mailbox on Monday, but it’ll get done. Or I’ll just have to change the letter to a 2015 New Year letter instead of the 2014 Christmas letter. Regardless, you get the first sneak peek!

Giggling wee ones

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m blaming the lack of snow and relatively warm temperatures in Chicago for the delay in my cards this year. I actually received them the Monday after Thanksgiving. But I never addressed a one until now. [Ed. See? Even in my letter, I blame the weather.]

The Price Family is officially in a home once again. After selling our house last fall and not finding a new one, we purchased a house  at the end of June and moved in. Though there are plenty of projects to do around the house (building a new garage being the highest priority), we are happy to be here and love being able to walk more places than we have since I lived in the city. Once Mister Man and Little Miss are in middle school, they’ll never take the bus again. The middle school is within walking distance, and the high school is also about a 20 minute walk.

The reduction in commute times for everyone has been wonderful. It’s been fun spending more time in the downtown, as well as all the other activities that seem to take up all our time. Mister Man has discovered a new love of basketball, much to everyone’s surprise. Though he originally decided to take a skills class through the local youth organization only because everyone in 5th grade plays on the school boys’ basketball team in the winter and he wanted to have a tiny idea of what to do, he realized that he really enjoys it although he is understandably behind on his skills at this point. He even is joining my husband in asking to watch basketball on tv, much to my chagrin.

Mister Man is still also doing Tae Kwon Do, although slightly less frequently than before basketball, and he will move up from being a Cub Scout to becoming a Boy Scout in February. He once again made it to districts in his Pinewood Derby car design with the very meta design of a Pinewood Derby track. This year, he’s creating an aircraft carrier, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. He’s also enjoying spending time in the kitchen and was selected from his school’s entries to compete in the district’s sandwich making competition where he earned an honorable mention for his sweet protein sandwich (Nutella, sliced apples, sliced strawberries, and flax seeds on sourdough bread – yum!)

Little Miss is her usual entertaining self. She successfully competed in her first gymnastics meet this fall and decided it was actually fun. For the girl who hates being singled out for anything, this was a great acknowledgment that she can do it. She is also – as she proudly states – the youngest dragon in chess club at school. Dragons are the highest level within the club, and she earned her way there by winning the first place trophy in Knights 2 this fall. And yes, she’s thrilled that she is now a higher level than Mister Man (who is understandably less thrilled). Little Miss is still into everything Harry Potter and rereads my hardcover books nonstop. Her Spanish reading is also improving, and she’s more willing to speak Spanish in public – something she’ll need in our anticipated trip to Spain in Summer 2016.

As parents, our lives are pretty much what you’d expect. My husband continues to teach middle school (which means he’ll be Mister Man’s teacher next year, barring any changes), as well as coaching. Couple that with being in charge of Mister Man’s basketball and Cub Scouts, and he’s booked solid. I handle the rest around the house and my bloggy work, as well as taking over as the PTO president this year.

The major break this past year was the bi-annual RV trip my husband and the kids took with my parents (while I stayed home for two weeks to enjoy the quiet and work), which they thoroughly enjoyed. We all journeyed to Minnesota for a week long Spanish camp at Concordia Language Villages, a blast from my past (though she did French, not Spanish). It was a real treat, and everyone learned a ton. Mister Man was sure he’d hate it since he didn’t know Spanish but asked if he could go back. Little Miss blossomed and came out of her shell and even took the “super espanol” challenge the last day of not speaking English the entire day. It was a great blend of fun and learning. Little Miss and I will be back again next summer, though Mister Man and my husband can’t due to school schedules unfortunately.

Smiling wee ones

Wishing you health and happiness in 2015 – and that our paths cross sooner rather than later,

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