Tiny Prints trifold Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Once Again!

December 25, 2013 by Michelle

As usual, I managed to get my Christmas cards out just in time.  I actually ordered them early this year (December 8, which is really early for me), though they didn’t arrive until the 20th.  They were really super cool ones from Tiny Prints and definitely the fanciest I’ve ever sent out, which may be part of why they took an unexpectedly long time to print.  I love sharing a variety of photos of the wee ones from throughout the year, and these cards are perfect for that.

I love the multiple sides that allow large photos, and I had to keep one for myself to treasure for years to come.  And of course, I wrote the annual Christmas letter to accompany it.  Because yeah… there’s a lot going on around here, if you haven’t noticed.

A very merry Christmas to you if you’re celebrating, and wishes for a day of quiet and peace if you aren’t!

Tiny Prints trifold Christmas Card

It’s the most wonderful time of year… again. It snuck up on us again this year, but we have a little bit of an excuse – or more so than normal, anyway.

After joking for almost eight months last year that we need to just sell our house and move closer to the school so forgotten homework, lunch boxes, winter boots (the last day before winter break), and more are far less inconvenient.  Couple that with Michelle spending so much time at the school volunteering and the like and my husband’s work is in that direction, and in May we decided maybe our joke wasn’t really a joke. We listed our house in August and had a contract not long after, closing in mid-November. As luck would have it, when we started looking for a house once we had a firm contract (our first contract was a home sale contingency) all the “good” houses were already under contract in the area where we want to move, so we’re currently renting and will be moving again (knock on wood) in the spring. Send good vibes our way that the perfect house becomes available soon, as we already had to walk away from one contract after inspection sadly.

Siblings proud of First Communion

Aside from the house drama – which has traumatized my mom – things are progressing as you’d expect. Little Miss made her First Communion in May, though she is not following in Mister Man’s footsteps by becoming a table & light minister (altar boy for us old-fashioned folk). Instead, she is focusing on her gymnastics where she is on a small team that has been hand-selected by a new coach to work together this year and then compete strongly next year skipping a level this year. We thought she was going to be placed on an AAU team, so the joke is on us – for now. It’s amazing to watch her progress and wow is that girl strong! She continues to work hard in her now third grade Spanish immersion class, and her fluency is growing by leaps and bounds. Her new fascination is with mythology, spurred by the Percy Jackson books. She’s actually in the process of writing a research book (as she calls it) on the Greek gods.

Placing the star atop the tree

Mister Man is in fourth grade and still at Grove with Little Miss. He has an amazing teacher this year who is a perfect fit for him. He’s also getting pulled out for reading and math, which means he has more of a challenge. We’ve all learned that the child does not like to show his work (mostly because he thinks he can do it in his head and unfortunately he usually can). He loves going to Tae Kwon Do and promoted another level in both February and July. With his next belt, he’ll move to the intermediate class which is a whole new level of seriousness. Mister Man is still a Cub Scout and determined to make it to Eagle Scout, loving every activity he goes to with his den. He’s been restricted physically since Halloween, however, as he got a concussion at school and is still dealing with residual dizziness issues – who knew vestibular rehabilitation even existed? We have fingers crossed that he’ll be released as recovered soon.

Placing ornaments on the tree

The husband is no longer a traveling teacher as of August, and all his classes are at one school again which makes things a little easier, although he still doesn’t have his “own” classroom. His coaching team last year was amazing, and they won the state championship. This year won’t be quite the same, but he’s already busy with practices and tournaments. Add that to football scoreboard duty and PA announcing for soccer, basketball, and baseball at the high school, and his calendar is pretty full.

Michelle has probably the least new to report. She’s still on the PTO (happy overseeing all the fundraising committees and not owning any of them), still writing, still hitting the gym, and still the chief chauffeur of the family. No news is good news on that front, right?

Wee ones on a boat in St Lucia

Aside from moving, the other excitement this year was heading to Puerto Rico for two weeks in August. We spent four days in San Juan exploring the area (and food) before heading on a 7 day cruise that spoiled us rotten and ending with another 3 days in San Juan to recuperate. Little Miss, of course, refused to speak Spanish (except in the kids’ camp to kids who spoke no English), but we discovered that both kids love Central American food of just about any stripe. Churrasco and tamales and empanadas have been staples in our diet ever since!

Wee ones goofy Christmas card photo

Wishing you health and happiness in 2014 – and that our paths cross sooner rather than later,

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  • Tami

    Merry Christmas Michelle, to you and your family! I love your Christmas Card photos. It shows the true spirit of your children.

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