I received a year of MiMedia photo storage as part of this compensated campaign with TheMotherhood, but all opinions remain my own.
MiMedia photo storage organizes not just your photos but music and documents, too. Use code TheMotherhood to sign up for a free 10GB account.

I have a little problem. Shhhh, don’t tell. I take a ton of photos, but … I haven’t put a single photo in an album since 2001. Does that mean I don’t have a single photo of my kids in an album? Yep. Does it mean the vast majority of photos (let’s go with 99.99%) I’ve taken since 2001 haven’t even made it into hard copy? You know it.

But yes, there is a solution, and I am in love. MiMedia photo storage is so incredibly easy to use, and if you use the code TheMotherhood when you sign up, you not only get 10GB of FREE storage for your account, but account, special promotions and information on contests, as well as exclusive access to try new features through an opt-in program.

All you needed for free photo storage and organization with MiMedia

So why do I have these issues and need a new solution? I got my first digital camera in 1999. Before that, it was easy to know when you’d finished up a roll of film and take it to get processed. I generally had a limited number of photos because I didn’t “waste” any pictures, all of which made it relatively simple to get my photos taken and organized. All my photos were taken with that one device, too, even in 2001.

Now? Now I have my “real” camera, my phone, my husband’s phone, and more. All the photos get taken (and I mean all.the.photos.), but then they just sit there. Organizing them, let alone printing them, is a challenge. I’ll be honest that I didn’t send in a single photo for my daughter’s fifth grade DVD because it was too hard to find photos of her with her friends from the past six years. My goals of printing photo books to give to my parents for the vacations we’ve taken with them? Still goals.

My biggest success with photos is the annual photo calendar I create. All I need is 3-6 photos from each month to place into it. I’ve yet to fail to create it. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been years where it’s arrived after the new year because it took me that long to find and decide on the photos to use.

Not anymore.

Nope, now that I have my subscription to MiMedia photo storage (use the code TheMotherhood to sign up for a free 10GB account!), everything is so much easier. All my photos automatically upload to my account in the cloud. Yes, this includes the photos I have on my primary laptop, the ones on our current desktop, the ones on my old laptop that I never moved over and are in danger of getting lost, plus the ones I have stored in Google Photos that are no longer on my phone, the ones in my phone, the ones people text to me…. the list goes on and on. (And on and on and on.)

Automatically upload photos from your social media accounts using MiMedia

So they’re all automatically uploaded, so what? What makes MiMedia photo storage special? Oh there are so many features I love. I’m not really sure where to start. But tell me anywhere else besides using MiMedia photo storage that you can upload and access not just photos but your documents and music, too.

I love how easy it is to find the “mistake” photos that I didn’t delete when they were on my phone because that would mean I’d actually taken the time to review photos one by one to see that I just took a photo of my wrist in motion somehow. Or decide which of the 18 photos of my daughter posing with her friends has the majority of them smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. And then? Just select and delete. Best of all, I’m confident that when I delete it from MiMedia photo storage, it doesn’t delete from my computer (I don’t need all my recipe photos stored online, especially not the originals).

Sharing and deleting photos is easy with MiMedia photo storage

If I’m not sure which one photo I love most, I can easily click on a photo to see it larger and then scroll through to determine which one to keep. And once I’ve decided on my favorites, I can mark them with a heart to favorite them. When it’s time to create that photo book for my summer vacation or – yes – that annual photo calendar, it’s super easy to review just my favorite photos and download them to print or add to the photo calendar. Yep, I’m finally getting organized because it’s finally easy (and I need easy).

Star your favorite photos for easy organization in MiMedia

Note: MiMedia is working on a partnership with a printing service, which means once they finalize that, I’ll be able to print directly from the MiMedia photo storage app, making life even easier.

Bonus that I can access it anywhere I have an internet connection from any device. Yes, the desktop is where I usually play with MiMedia photo storage, but I can easily use the app on my tablet and phone, too. There are Android and iOS apps, so I’m not locked into a particular platform either. Are you getting excited yet?

I can also choose to upload photos from social media including Facebook and Instagram, though I have chosen not to, as the photos there are already in original form on my phone. My biggest pet peeve with the photos on Facebook is that the photo quality is compressed so trying to print or download a photo from Facebook means you lose out on image quality. No so with MiMedia – they retain the original size and specs of your photo.

Finally my summer vacation photos won’t just be living in the ether, and that’s partly because I can so easily share them with friends and family. Once I find the photos I want – sorted by date or location or tags favorites to make them easy to find – I can create a MiDrive with those photos to share. Once I invite friends and family to the MiDrive, I can choose what access level to give them, and they can upload their own photos (because sometimes I’m not the solo photographer and my husband has some or my mom has some) to the Drive for us to all enjoy. We can even chat about the photos and memories, creating a digital photo album (because we’ve seen how well I do with the real once – so far).

Create shareable photos in MiMedia photo storage

I’m also a fan of the ability to write notes on the photos, just like the old fashioned pictures my mom has in her photo albums with notes on where they were taken or who the people in the photos are, etc. It’s too easy for me to forget in twenty years the names of Little Miss’s elementary school friends without this or exactly where we were when we visited the monkeys on our vacation, and I know she’ll ask me. Or her children will.

Add notes to your photos with MiMedia photo storage

It’s so easy, and it’s been fun to use and share so far. Remember, you can sign up for your own free 10GB account using the promo code TheMotherhood and try it out for yourself. The 10GB is enough for 2,500 photos or approximately 125 videos or 2,000 songs or 10,000 documents, obviously depending on the size of each.

Is that not enough room for you? There are additional plans to can upgrade to if you choose to do so after trying it out. The Basic Plan is $7.99 per month (or $85 annually) for 500GB. That give you a whopping 125,000 photos, 6,250 videos, 100,000 songs, or 500,000 documents. Still not enough for you? You can get a full 1TB for $9.99 per month ($100 annually) that will keep all your summer vacation photos. All 250,000 of them. Or 12,500 videos, 200,000 songs, or up to 1,000,000 documents. It kind of blows my mind how big 1TB can be.

Are you completely in love with this idea? Lucky me, in addition to the free 10GB plan you can sign up for with TheMotherhood, I get to give away one basic annual plan (worth $85) to a lucky reader. Don’t forget to sign up for your free plan so you can play with it, and then seamlessly upgrade to the bigger plan. Don’t forget to leave me a blog comment sharing what summer vacation memory you most want to preserve.

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Have you ever heard of or used MiMedia photo storage? What feature do you love most?

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  • donna

    our trip to the virgin islands 🙂

  • Bonnie Kenaz-Mara

    I take thousands of photos professionally and personally so this would be fantastic! Like you, I rarely take time to back everything up and to edit and organize. It is hard and time consuming to find the bloopers and ones that need to be deleted. Great to know about this! Thanks for sharing.

  • Bonnie Kenaz-Mara

    I want to document my kids’ week at circus camp and their final performance. My daughter does lyra and silks and aerial arts and my son juggles and does acro.

  • Sarah

    My parents are coming out this summer, so I know we will create a bunch of great memories!

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