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Six tips to enjoy your meaningful momentsI’m headed to Orlando with Mom It Forward, staying at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in just over a week, and we can’t wait. We know we’ll make plenty of great memories, but more importantly – I want to enjoy them and be part of them!

Tips For Capturing Meaningful Moments

Pass the camera around. Mom isn’t the only one who can take a photo. I’m finally in photos now (sometimes) because I let my kids take a picture. Or my husband. Or I ask strangers, who are always happy to help.

Mom should be in photos, too. Just ask someone!

Put the camera and phone away entirely. Too often, we miss enjoying an event because we’re working on capturing it on “film” or are responding to texts or email. We have hours blocked as technology free on vacation where the focus is on us and capturing the memories in our brains – and we enjoy them so much more!

Put away your phone and enjoy the moment with your family

Keep a journal. When traveling, the wee ones have journals they write in each night. Some of their favorite memories are ones I’d forgotten that we revisit later and aren’t the ones I’d expect.

Keeping a journal to capture memories

Roll with it. Trying to create “perfect” usually ruins the moment. Your kid stuck his tongue out? Remember the personality quirks of your child and celebrate. Don’t make everyone cranky by trying too hard to make things look fun!

Roll with the moment and create memories that aren't stressful

Remember the little things. Sometimes it’s catching kids holding hands as they walk or their first taste of a new treat that makes for the best memory. What you capture doesn’t all have to be Momentous with a capital M.

Remember the little moments and the big ones

Plan but be flexible. So you thought you were spending the day at the pool but it’s raining? Relax. There’s always more fun. Use Plan B and find a way to enjoy the day no matter what.

Don't let the weather or other obstacles get in your way - have fun no matter what

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  • Jill Greenlaw

    Great post! I love all your tips and ideas. We are excited to connect with you next week. See you soon.

    • Michelle

      Awww thanks, Jill! Sometimes it’s hard to remember because I want things to go the way I think they should – but when we get out from behind the lens and enjoy the time, it’s amazing how much fun there is to be had. And ditto with rolling with the punches. Some of my favorite photos of my kids are the ones where they’re not at all typical poses but really showing their unique personalities. Can’t wait to see you, too!

  • jyl from @momitforward

    Great tips, Michelle! I especially like the one about capturing the firsts. I still remember the first time my kids went on a roller coaster and learned after (since it was in the dark) that they had gone upside down. They loved it so much and couldn’t believe they accomplished something so scary. They wanted to ride it over and over and over again. It was so fun to experience their enthusiasm.

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Jyl! My son learned earlier this year that he LOVES upsidedown coasters, and it was such a hoot to watch him. I love seeing their faces when there’s that whole new experience happening.

  • BusyWorkingMama

    I like the phone free zone idea! Great tips!

    • Michelle

      Thanks! It’s so sad when we miss out on things because we aren’t engaged. Vacation time is special and doesn’t last all that long. I want mine to be sacred as much as it can be. How else will you create memories to treasure?

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