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May 19, 2013 by Michelle

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Little Miss had her First Communion two weeks ago.  As the good mom I am, I have her write out her own (thorough) thank you cards for each gift she receives.  Of course, we ran out of thank you cards after the second thank you note because I forgot to check our stock.  This is where Minted makes it easy.  I know about them for a variety of reasons, since they sell all sorts of stationary from wedding invitations to party decor (for those of us who are less crafty than our ambitions) to my personal favorite, kid stationary.

While I admit that I will frequently use electronic means to send some types of invitations, electronic thank you notes are vertoben.  In my mind, if someone has gone through enough trouble to help you celebrate a milestone, choose an appropriate gift, and get it to you, the least you can do is hand write and mail a thank you note that thanks the person not just for the gift but for thinking of you and helping you celebrate, in addition to showing your appreciation for the gift.

Lime green thank you

The wee ones aren’t always thrilled to write the thank you notes – who is? – but they understand its importance, and I think it teaches them a good life lesson, too.  I’ve found that if they like the design of the thank you note, they’re more likely to write them without complaining and will fill up all the room there is blank on the card.

Minted offers many different varieties of kid stationary to use as thank you notes so that the designs can fit just about any personality.  There are ones personalized with names, though I tend to like the ones that don’t include a name so that both Mister Man and Little Miss can use the same stationary as needed.  The same goes for traditionally “boy” versus “girl” designs.  There are plenty of both, though I prefer to go slightly more gender neutral, much as Little Miss would be just fine with a completely “boy” design.  Different cards have different costs, but they range from $2.33 each for 15 cards ($1.52 for 65 or more) to $2.60 each for 15 cards ($1.68 for 65 or more), before you add on options.

Minted kid stationary

For the greenie in me, I love that there are options that use 100% recycled paper to make the cards.  There are also options for most cards to change the shape from square corners to rounded corners to scalloped edges and more.  These options add an expense to the cards, but there are some options on Minted to make these truly personalized to your taste.

As you go through the design process, you are able to quickly and easily choose what options work best for you, as well as see the added cost for various options.  These range from changing the color scheme of the card (free) to adding a photo or color/pattern to the back of the card.  The envelope itself even has plenty of options for color of the actual envelope to adding a return address automatically to the envelope in various formats.

For many card options, you can also choose to use the free Minted Address Assistant to address your envelopes for you, saving you time and energy.  This option is currently available only for birth announcements, save the date cards, wedding invitations, holiday cards, and party invitations, but it’s a great service for those of us (me!) who are pressed for time.  Every year when I order my holiday cards, they inevitably sit around the house for days before I manage to get my cards all addressed.  I love it!

Minted addresses your envelopes beta service

One of the coolest parts about Minted is that designs are truly unique.  They don’t come from stock art or in-house artists.  Instead, Minted solicits submissions as part of their minted design challege.  Designers submit their creations, and the Minted community votes on them to decide which options will become a part of the store.  I think it’s a great way to support those who want to become professional designers as a way to get their foot wet in that world and show that they have what it takes.  It isn’t solely to save costs on a designer.  Those whose designs win earn 6-8% of the card revenues.  They can also win cash prizes and potentially be commissioned to create Minted originals.

There’s plenty to like about Minted.  In fact, I just discovered their journals.  For $16 per journal, you can create a journal on premium white paper that has a customized front cover design and front cover.  There are some amazing options out there.  With the wee ones getting older and so many of their friends having too much “stuff,” this is a perfect gift in my mind.  Given the amount of creative writing the wee ones are now doing, too, you can bet that these will be showing up in their stockings this year, too!  The fact that Little Miss likes regular lined paper and Mister Man prefers graph paper is perfect, since I have those two options plus unlined paper for every journal.

Minted thoughts journal

Now if you’ll excuse me, Little Miss is having her birthday party in a few weeks, and I have some party decorations to decide on.

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