Eating In Our Morning “Routine”

March 10, 2013 by Michelle

I’m writing this on a Friday.  This morning, I had to get the wee ones ready for the bus, which included feeding them breakfast and packing lunches and snacks.  I also had a cardio kickboxing class before I went to pick up Girl Scout cookies at our local cupboard.  I also had to sneak in some grocery shopping, a tire alignment, a meeting at school, and time to get work done.  Mister Man had chess club and then tae kwon do after school, while Little Miss had a two hour gymnastics practice.  So much for not overscheduling ourselves.

I have only a little control over their day, and it’s important that the wee ones have enough energy to get through it.  Ditto for me.  Is it a surprise that while I got them fed and out the door, my breakfast was truly on the go.  This isn’t the first time my breakfast has looked this way.  Fortunately, there are redeeming qualities in it that keep me full and filled with energy until I can take a break.

belvita and Gevalia coffee for breakfast

I do my best to make sure that everyone can get out the door in a timely manner without forgetting anything.   School is 20 minutes away, so I can’t just hop down there to drop off forgotten homework or lunch.  And the wee ones tend to have difficulty with thinking and focusing first thing in the morning.  The good news?  Little Miss especially is amenable to a to do list.  She loves having me write down what she needs to do before the bus arrives on a little whiteboard so she can erase each item as she does it.  So long as I don’t forget anything, she won’t forget anything!

Morning routine to do list #BreakfastSavings

Even when we get our act together and are outside before the bus arrives – honestly, if we didn’t have a bus that pulled into our driveway and waited for us, I don’t know what we’d do! – somehow it seems like most of the time I don’t remember or have time to make myself a breakfast.  I am definitely one who needs and wants to eat, however.  I had discovered belVita breakfast biscuits via a sampling event at another retailer and bought some.  Since then, that retailer stopped carrying them, and I’ve been missing the breakfast biscuits.  I feel good about eating them because they have a lot of great nutrients and don’t have a lot of the ingredients I do my best to avoid like HFCS and artificial sweeteners.  Instead, they have 19 grams of whole grain per 5o gram serving – something I tend to lack – and fiber and B vitamins, all of which will keep me full and satisfied throughout my day.

Back of a belVita breakfast biscuits box

When I went shopping for my on the go breakfast of Gevalia coffee, Nature Valley granola bars, and belVita breakfast biscuits, I was amazed to see the wide assortment available.  It seems like there are more flavors to choose from every time I go.  Sometimes it’s almost overwhelming, but with the Buy 4 Save $4 promotion currently at Safeway stores, I didn’t feel bad about stocking up and well buying 8 to save $8 with my mix and match goodies!

Buy 4 Save $4 #BreakfastSavings at Safeway

I love trying new flavors, and you can’t beat the savings.  Paying just $1.49 for a box of Nature Valley granola bars is definitely good news in my book.  It made it easier to choose from the wide selection, and I came home with four different kinds of Nature Valley granola bars, two new flavors of belVita breakfast biscuits, and a very exciting-to-me espresso blend Gevalia coffee.  This will defintely keep us in breakfast for awhile!

Well, maybe it will.  I’ve already discovered the opening a package of granola bars in this house is dangerous.  Little Miss managed to sneak a granola bar before she went to a birthday party this afternoon.  But I’m ok with it.  The nutrients in the granola bar are bound to be far higher than they would be in anything she’s going to eat there!  The granola bars have 4 grams of protein, something I push hard with the wee ones, as I’ve found that protein really makes a difference in how well they focus throughout the day.  It’s a key requirement for any breakfast, whether we’re on the go or not.  The fact that I can recognize and pronounce all the ingredients in the maple brown sugar Nature Valley granola bar she ate?  Definitely a feel good moment.

Little Miss eating a maple brown sugar Nature Valley granola bar

I’m happy that all these on the go breakfast items weren’t just ones that will keep us fueled throughout the day and are also ones I feel good feeding the wee ones and eating myself.  The fact that they’re a great value right now?  That’s just a bonus, but one I’m grateful for.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Safeway.  All opinions remain my own.  #cbias #SocialFabric

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