Happy Mother’s Day?

May 9, 2013 by Michelle

So it’s the time of year again.  The “secret” letters have come home offering kids the opportunity to buy flower bouquets from school for mom.  Mysterious projects have been worked on at school.  And whispered conversations with Daddy have been overheard.  It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.

We don’t typically go hugely over the top.  The wee ones will make cards sometimes.  I usually get breakfast in bed.  And there are presents, but it isn’t huge.  We’ll do brunch – this year at my mom’s house.  And that’s pretty much it.  This year, I’m actually headed to the Chicago Food Swap in the afternoon, something I’m looking forward to – as is the rest of my family who can’t wait to see what I bring home.

VlogMom prompt for the week of Mother's Day

So when the #VlogMom group collectively came up with this week’s question, I wasn’t waxing poetic as so many others are.  Instead, I interviewed the wee ones.   And yes, they show their personalities to a T.  Mister Man is honest, as always.  And Little Miss?  Well, she’s a kiss up and never misses an opportunity to gain some points.  Goofy child.

So what are you up to for Mother’s Day this year?

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  • Pat

    What I love about Mother’s Day is that I get a long phone call from each of my sons. They don’t send cards, though some of them did once in awhile during college. This year, my youngest son sent me a package of special coffees and cookies (his wife’s idea). I think that was the first gift I’ve ever received on Mother’s Day from a son. My husband always asks if I want to go out for lunch or dinner, and I almost always say no (because the restaurants are too crowded), so his gift to me is that I don’t have to prepare any food for him. Daughters are more thoughtful on Mother’s Day in the way of cards and meals than are sons. “A daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life; a son’s a son till he takes a wife” has some truth to it.

    • Michelle

      And you know what? Those phone calls and that personal connection are really what matters most. I don’t need “things” – it’s the love and the sharing and the family that are what matters most. But the too crowded? I’m absolutely with you there. We never go out for Mother’s Day for that reason alone 🙂

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