Giant pile of moving boxes

Fit Update: Week 45 aka Moving Is Hard Work

November 18, 2013 by Michelle

I’m heading to the gym this morning.  It’ll be the first time in a over a week since I’ve been there.  Generally, I don’t make excuses for not going and feel good about them – PTO meetings that conflict with the time excepted, of course.  But last week, we moved.  It was a relatively fast move, and we had other priorities that kept us from packing a ton in the month we had before our move.

Needless to say, the week before the move was a little hectic.  Because we sold our house but haven’t yet bought a new one, we are renting a much smaller place than what we had previously.  In addition to the usual sorting of “garbage, donation, move” piles, we added the category of “storage.”  And storage was mostly going into my parents’ basement.

So my life was spent putting things in boxes, carrying boxes down stairs from our second floor or up stairs from our basement, into my car, out of my car, into my parents’ garage, then into their basement.  I can’t count how many loads I made, but it’s horrifying how much we have that we aren’t ready to get rid of but that we can put into storage for at least a few months.

Giant pile of moving boxes

It wasn’t until this was done that we could work on the rest of our packing so that nothing would accidentally go to the wrong place, although ironically all my clothes somehow ended up in my parents’ basement which I discovered too late.  The donations were just as much work and effort, carrying the heavy tube televisions that we no longer watch up stairs and into my car, making boxes of books that the wee ones no longer read that can find a happy new home, and more.

Every time I completed a load, I took a deep breath.  I wasn’t quite out of breath, but I was definitely warm.  And my legs were wobbly the first day.  And then there was the actual move with the carrying and lifting and moving and sorting and recarrying day after day.  There are still piles of unpacked items, but the majority of it is done, and I can finally step outside the house without feeling too guilty about all that needs to be done.

My dad put it into perspective for me as he was helping me one day (though sadly, his dog wrenched his shoulder and he couldn’t carry after that day).  You know, I didn’t have time to do weights yet today, but I think this covers it.  And I don’t generally do this much aerobics either.  This is really hard work.

I looked at him and smiled.  I feel pretty good about my fitness level since I almost hadn’t thought about moving as exercise until that point, but it definitely was.  I’m happy that I can get back into a regular routine starting today, but I don’t feel like I missed out on too much with the move.  It’s hard work!

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