My First Crush

July 19, 2013 by Michelle

So many of my friends (with, thankfully, slightly older children) have been talking lately about their children’s first “girlfriends” and “boyfriends” and the not quite dating that comes with the tween and teen territory.  As I’m doing some deep breathing, trying to stop the panic racing through my mind about my babies potentially dating (how can this happen?), I thought back on my first “boyfriend.”

When I was in the second grade, I actually had a “boyfriend” – and younger than either of the wee ones are now.  Yikes.  It’s the perfect time to answer this week’s #VlogMom question from Alissa of Clever Compass.

Who was your first crush?

Granted, when I think about my first long lasting crush where I actually thought about marriage, I was slightly older.  Maybe in fourth grade.  And the object of my crush was John Denver.  I would play his albums over and over on my mom’s record player.  To this day, I can probably sing every lyric from his greatest hits album with little to no prompting.  I was convinced I would marry him.  Needless to say, my fantasy was eventually crushed.

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  • Pat

    I cracked up hearing about you and the Katies taking turns touching the screws in Andrew’s shoes…what a riot! 😀 My first crush was also in second grade, around 1955. His name was Kent Lieberman. He gave me a necklace–cheap costume jewelry of his mom’s, I assume it was OK with his mom. He invited me over to his house after school to play and it was OK’d with our mothers. His mom had sheets hanging on the clothesline out back and Kent talked me into standing between the lines of sheets and then kissed me. I don’t remember what I thought about it and I don’t remember ever even talking to him again. I do recall seeing him in 4th or 5th grades and thinking, “That boy kissed me in second grade. He is so nerdy…I don’t know what I saw in him.”

  • Lydia

    What is it with elementary school and the harem? Ha! I had the same experiences, and my 8 year old talks about the same stuff. Kids are so weird! 🙂

  • Patty

    Ah the second grade player! 🙂 Too funny
    My first crush was Nicholas. He was in 8th grade and I was in 5th grade. He was so adorable he looked like Kirk Cameron with glasses. I think we may have been student of the month at the same time and I was crushed when he graduated LOL
    Thanks for making me think back on a funny memory.

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