My Hidden Talent: Ewwww!

December 20, 2012 by Michelle

This week’s #VlogMom prompt is a fun one.  Amiyrah Martin from 4 Hats and Frugal asks:

What’s your hidden talent? If you don’t have one, what talent would you love to have?

I had to think long and hard to come up with one because… I’m an open book.  You know what I do, right?  You know I love to cook and bake.  I’ve talked about playing softball.  And I’ve shown you my awesomeness when it comes to organization, so there isn’t much left that I would define as a talent.  Maybe it’s just that I see myself as a whole package and not unique talents, but I’m ok with that.

Of course now I’m realizing that probably not everyone can turn their eyelids inside out.  Or put their feet behind their heads (yep, I can do that still, though I don’t know that I want to do it on camera!).  Or have their hands meet in back, one going over their shoulder and one going up the back.  And I’m pretty sure I can do this stupid human trick, now that I think about it.

Eh… I’m going with what I’ve got.

So what do you think?  What’s your hidden talent?  Or what talent do you wish you had?

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