My Husband, The Cynic

June 24, 2011 by Michelle

On Father’s Day, the wee ones were super excited to find a gift for my husband. They wanted to find something that was all their own that they were giving him. Since they didn’t decide this until Father’s Day, their choices were somewhat limited. That didn’t deter them, and Mister Man found his Luke Skywalker action figure to give to Daddy, and Little Miss discovered a Chicago Wolves hockey stick that she thought he’d enjoy since he loves sports so much.

As we trooped upstairs with our chocolate cherry (homemade) scones for Daddy’s breakfast in bed, the wee ones whispered together then scurried back downstairs, begging me to wait for “just a few minutes, Mommy, please!” I set the tray down and waited for them to head back upstairs. Within a few moments, they reappeared on the stairs, and we continued on our merry way to feed – and more importantly, coffee – my husband.

After passing the tray to my husband, the wee ones presented him with their gifts. He smiled at them and tried to graciously give them back. Mister Man then piped up, And, Daddy, Little Miss and I cleaned up the homework room for you, too. There’s no more Legos and stuff all over the floor. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

After my husband opened the remainder of his gifts and started eating his breakfast, the wee ones remembered that they were hungry, too, and had left scones sitting down at their places at the kitchen table. They scampered away, and my husband turned to me with a smile on his face.

I’m going to mow the lawn this week, Honey. Happy anniversary.


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