My New Favorite Store: Dom itp

December 21, 2012 by Michelle

A little over a week ago, I was invited to a store that had just opened in Woodfield, a mall near my house – and one that used to be the largest in the world, way back when. Dom itp in Woodfield is the sixth location for the chain of Polish imports.  I wasn’t sure quite what to expect when I arrived, other than knowing there would be ornaments there.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be putting it mildly.  The store is located on the second floor, next to Nordstrom, where the Disney Vacation Club used to be.  That gives it several rooms and nooks to hold all sorts of different items.  Yes, the Polish ornaments are there, both traditional as well as ones that have been designed by family members who own the store that are based on Chicago from the Bean to the Field’s clock and more.  The majority of those completely handmade and hand painted ornaments have been sold out, but there is so much more to the store than ornaments.

Ornament shaped like the bean featuring Chicago in the background from Dom itp

Handmade Polish ornament from Dom itp

The entire front room of the store is filled with clothing imported from Poland, everything from leggings and tunics to sweaters and cocktail dresses.  I was amazed by the selection, and there were many pieces I loved.  The selection of sizes is small at the moment, and several items I loved were already sold out in my size, but they are getting new stock constantly, and I did come home with my fair share of items.  The jewelry Dom itp sells is gorgeous, as well.  I purchased a choker and matching earrings that I’ve already worn a few times.  I’ve gotten more compliments on that than I’ve received in a long time.  And of course, I send all my friends to Dom itp to check it out for themselves (I know of four already who’ve visited and many more are planning to).

Straight past the main room is another room filled with scarves and hats.  The hats are created by Polish craftsmen and are so much fun.  The variety of scarves is something to behold, as well.  The selection is almost overwhelming.  It actually took a second visit before I could pick out any scarves to purchase.  There are so many different colors and styles – and the selection here changes constantly.  I’ve been to Dom itp three times now (yes, in just over a week – it’s Christmas!), and there have been new items each time I’ve been.

Amazing selection of hats and scarves at Dom itp

Of course, we had to have fun with this.  There were so many options, and I found a hat that looks good on me.  Unfortunately it doesn’t match my winter coat (it’s hard to match champagne), but I loved all the different options.  And notice in the background all the different scarves available.  I love how there are so many different styles and colors.  There is truly something for everyone.  Most of the scarves were only $12.99.  Had I known earlier, this is where I would have picked up many teacher gifts.  Interestingly, a friend I brought to the store said the same thing.  Fortunately, she had plenty of other shopping to do!

Tracy modeling a hat from Dom itp

Rita rocked the mink-y hat at Dom itp

The store continues one, with wonderful scented candles – and this coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy most scented candles – and then to a room with incredible hand painted pottery and other items.  They had everything from coffee mugs with Polish “grandma” and “grandpa” painted on to chip and dip serving dishes and more.   This doesn’t fit the style of my house, but the pottery was beautiful, and I have several friends who would love pieces from here.

Display of Polish pottery at Dom itp


I could have spent hours in the store.  In fact, I have.  And I know I’ll be back again – soon.  I love that so much of the store is completely unique, especially the clothing.  I bought a sucker-inner that is long sleeve and black that is a mid thigh length dress style for $39.99 – way less than Spanx.  I love that the material allows you to actually tuck it up and make it shirt length, as well, so it is extremely versatile.  I also purchased two more scarves ($12.99 each), one of which I wore with that dress turned shirt and jeans, along with the jewelry I purchased for $19.99.  It was a great look, and I know I’ll continue to find items I love there.

Michelle with her new jewelry, scarf and bodysuit

And I wasn’t the only one.  There were several of us who went to the party at Dom itp.  We all found items we loved from pickle ornaments (a tradition that whoever finds the pickle on the tree gets to open the first present) to dresses to scarves and more.  I don’t think any of us had any idea what we were going to find in this chain that has been around in Chicago since the mid-90s, but we walked away happy.  I know I’ve been telling everyone I know about it – including you, obviously – and given how much the inventory is turning, I know we aren’t the only ones who’ve fallen in love with Dom itp!

Hanging at Dom itp in Woodfield

Oh, and if you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for me, there is the most gorgeous purse that I’m coveting there.  It comes in several different colors from tangerine to brown to the “purple” I want.  And it’s only $34.99.  Just sayin’….

Gorgeous purple handbag from Dom itp

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a gift card from Dom itp as part of the opening event.  I was not asked to write about this, nor was I compensated for doing so.  As always, all opinions expressed remain my own.  And this really is my new favorite store!

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    Gorgeous scarves!! Do they have an online store?

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