Broken kid shoes

New Shoes… Again!

November 23, 2013 by Michelle

Mister Man walked out of school on Friday – or rather, he limped out of school – complaining.  Why?  Because his shoes had “mysteriously” broken.  Though I questioned him and what he was doing, he claims to have been doing nothing more than walking down the hallway.  The shoes we’d bought for Mister Man just before the start of school were completely kaput less than three months later.

Broken kid shoes


The bracket that held his velcro in place to tighten the shoes broke off completely with no hope of repair, leaving him flopping along with his shoe trying to fall off with every step.  We’ll ignore the completely worn away top of his shoe.  And the separation of the rubber from his shoe at the front, as well.  At least he didn’t wear a hole in the backs of these shoes like he did his last ones?

Interestingly enough, Little Miss’s shoes didn’t last even this long.  She’s already on her second pair of shoes of the school year.  As of a month and a half ago, so I’m pretty sure that she’s well through the half life of her current shoes.

What gives?  I remember getting new shoes at the start of each school year and wearing them all year long.  As much as we played and ran, we didn’t wear through our shoes the way the wee ones do.  Sure, I scraped up my patent leather Mary Janes, but I didn’t need new school shoes three and four times a year.  I know the wee ones are talented, but can they develop a different talent?  Please?

Interestingly, when I took Mister Man shopping for new shoes, his feet had grown (ok, so maybe that’s partly why the shoes broke?) – he now needed an entire size bigger, though he had never complained that his old shoes were too small or uncomfortable in any way.  He’s officially a size four now.  Though Little Miss has younger friends with bigger feet, I’m still sad because the shoes now are truly big kid shoes, more so even than when he went from a size 13 to a size 1.

Everything is a tie shoe, though it didn’t faze him a bit.  It’s ok, Mom, he told me in the store. I know how to tie my shoes.  I even help Erik (not his real name) tie his shoes every day.  I keep telling he needs to have his mom teach him to tie his shoes, but…

And so Mister Man has new shoes.  Again.  Bigger shoes.

Mister Man tying his new shoes

So big and so fancy that he has to pull up his pant legs to tie them.

Any bets as to the over/under on how long these shoes will last before I’m once again out emergency shoe shopping?



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