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It’s a little before 3pm, and I’m ready for a snack. My lunch has worn off, but I’m not quite ready for dinner yet. I just need a little something – and I want it to be filled with protein because that’s what keeps me full and functioning. The new P3 snacks from Oscar Mayer are perfect, and I love how portable they are, too.

Oscar Mayer P3 Snacks are filled with protein, portable, and designed for adults! #shop #PortableProtein

I am a snacker. I’ll admit it. When I finish my workout at the gym, I need to eat something. Usually, I bring along my protein smoothie that was my breakfast that I didn’t quite finish and enjoy it on my drive home. There are some minor issues with that, however. As pretty as it looks sitting in my console, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Smoothies in the car are not a good idea

Liquid, especially a liquid that stains, is not a good idea in the car. I’ve dropped my phone into my smoothie twice. Twice! Last week, I even spilled it all over the front of my (only) winter coat and my daughter’s gymnastics leotard as I did my juggling act to carry everything and unlock my car and open the door at the same time. Oops. And my poor car charger? Well, this poor car charger will never again work after the last time it ended up in the smoothie. I need something that’s going to give me great protein but won’t make a mess.

Car charger died after being dumped into smoothies one too many times

Enter the Portable Protein Packs from Oscar Mayer. They come in 4 great varieties with meat, cheese, and nuts in each one. I love their great flavor options: Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast, Applewood Smoked Ham, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast, and Slow Roasted Turkey Breast. They pack 13 grams of protein and 160 calories into this snack, which is absolutely perfect for what I need.

Oscar Mayer P3 nutrition information

Best of all? It’s so easy to set it on my console and – gasp – not spill. Even if I were to drop an almond or a square of cheese (and let’s face it, I can be clumsy at times), it isn’t going to make a mess that will take hours to clean.

P3 Portable Protein Packs are perfect for the car with no mess

I’ll be honest with you. The first thing my kids do when they climb into my car after school when we’re headed to an activity is tell me how starving they are. They need a snack, and they need it pronto. I keep a bag filled with high protein snacks in my car at all times just for emergencies like this, but it’s their snack bag. Even though I’m just as hungry, I feel guilty digging into their snacks. Yes, I bought them. Yes, I selected them. Yes, it’s my car, but I still feel guilty if I sneak a snack from that bag.

Now? I have my very own snacks that are designed for adults not kids, and I love it. I’m not looking for something sweet, which most of their snacks tend to be. I want something satisfying and savory, which describes the P3 snacks to a T. The Rotisserie Chicken with roasted peanuts and cheddar cheese is my personal favorite, but I enjoy trying out the other flavors to mix thing up, and the Applewood Smoked Turkey with almonds and marbled Monterey Jack and Colby cheese is pretty tasty, too. It isn’t just them who has to sit at the activities hungry. Little Miss spends 2 hours at gymnastics twice a week, and Mister Man has tae kwon do after school another two days a week. Mom needs to refuel, too!

Enjoying P3 portable protein packs at gymnastics

I love how I can pop into Walmart after working out at my gym (convenience – it’s across the street!) and grab one if I’ve forgotten my snack at home. The Oscar Mayer P3 snacks are located with the lunchmeats, and they’re easy to grab. At just $1 apiece at my local Walmart, I have zero guilt when I buy and indulge in the P3 Portable Protein Pack now that my #CollectiveBias shop introduced me to this easy portable snack.

It's easy to find P3 portable protein packs at Walmart

Before I get cranky, I’m off to go enjoy some more #MeatCheeseNuts because that #PortableProtein is what’s keeping me full and sane throughout the day today.



  • Angel The Alien

    Sounds like a good idea! I am often starving right after work, but I don’t eat until after 6:30 when everyone else gets home. I end up snacking in between. This looks like a good alternative to the crackers and junk I usually eat!

  • Jenna M Wood

    That’s what lids are for, to contain liquids! But seriously, who hasn’t had one of those protein drink fiascos? We usually consume those types of drinks because we are rushed on time, so we often forget to pay attention to things like lids, or where the cup is, or what could fall into the cup. But no more with P3, right? It’s great they even have their own compartments so you could choose to open one part at a time too. #Client

  • Patty

    The P3 definitely won’t ruin your electronics! It tastes really good too – I like the ham the best.

  • Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks)

    They are definitely not messy and a nice healthy snack! #client

  • Jessica

    Great idea but that’s almost HALF your daily allowance in sodium! Waay too much sodium!

  • Nile Hill

    Like the snack they are good and my wife uses them all the time she is a dietabtic and they help her, But our WalMart never seems to have many on the shelf
    Chestnut Commons in Elyria, Ohio 44035 is there anyone else in the area carrying these

    • Michelle

      Try searching the product website to see if they have a product locator. That’s probably your best bet. Otherwise, my favorite stop is Amazon. Good luck!

  • Rebecca

    P3 Protein Packs are Awesome! I have lost weight with these gems for lunch!
    Oscar Meyer Thanks!

  • James

    Hello Michelle, is this a sponsored blog post paid for by Oscar Myer or a group representing the maker of P3?

    • Michelle

      This was through an agency hired by Oscar Meyer to try the snacks and share about them.

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