Planning For Summer Fun

June 13, 2013 by Michelle

I see questions all the time where people ask, “Are you like X or are you like Y” when it comes to various trains of thought.  And it seems like invariably I’m right smack in the middle, borrowing traits from both.   Cooking is a great example.  I clean as I go, which means I put dishes in the dishwasher and ingredients back where they belong as I finish with them.  But I don’t wipe down counters as I go or wash the dishes that need to be handwashed.  My kitchen isn’t a disaster when I’m done cooking, but it certainly isn’t clean either.

When summer comes, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  A couple years ago, I went ahead and put our schedule for the summer on my whiteboard.  When I saw what each and every single day looked like, we started canceling activities.  So when Hillary from My Scraps asks this week’s #VlogMom question, I know exactly what my response will be.

Do you plan your summer or let it happen

So how about you?  What do you do with your summer?  Have any exciting plans?  Let me know, and see how your style fits with what we do for summer.



  • Julie

    Oops! I forgot about camp. We do camp and travel, too. Little is sad to be missing gymnastics camp this year.

  • Pat

    We, like you , have a few things already scheduled and the rest is unplanned and things pop up that are fun to do or go to. There’s always exercising, church activities, gardening and visiting friends. Oh, and seeing good movies through NetFlix!

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