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December 30, 2013 by Michelle

This is the week that is the toughest for me to get exercise in.  My whole family is home, the gym is closed, and we’re busy.  Add to that the fact that we head to visit my in-laws, and I’m definitely not doing what I should be with regards to fitness.  Ok, so the gym is really only closed on a couple days, but when we’re running around, I didn’t quite make it to the gym on the 26th when I could have.  It’s going to be painful going back next week – along with everyone else who shows up.

And it’s cold.  It’s too cold to just go for a nice walk with everyone even.  It’ll be in single digits again in Chicago where it’s not just inconvenient but dangerous to spend much time outside.  I have my fingers crossed that this latest cold snap doesn’t last too long, but I’m afraid to look at the weather forecast.  That said, I did go for a nice long walk to Starbucks for coffee one morning last week and got a mile and a half plus in.  It’s better than nothing.

And better than nothing is my current mantra for this period of time. I can’t beat myself up for not doing my usual routines when everything in life is out of routine.  Instead, I just need to get a little creative – and that walk to Starbucks is exactly what I’m talking about.

About to go down a twisty slideWhen we drove down to visit my in-laws, I was in the car the majority of the time I was awake.  The same held true on the way back.  Fortunately, I have children who still need to use a rest stop at some point in time.  Did you know that most rest stops have a play area of some sort?  The one we stopped at – ironically just twenty minutes from my in-laws’ house, but when you gotta go, you gotta go especially with kids – had a full on playground.

And so Little Miss and I played on it while waiting for my husband and Mister Man.  I’d race her to the top of the playset and then we’d go down the slide.  We climbed the ladders and raced to the sliding pole to get down.  And since my husband didn’t know where we were, we got to play for a nice long time until I realized how long it had been and called him.  Of course, that just meant that Mister Man came out to play with us for a bit.  We even got my husband to go down the slide once before he declared it was time to get back in the car.

Was it much?  Nope.  But was it better than nothing?  Absolutely.

With everyone home, I’m finally realizing that my exercise won’t be my traditional classes at the gym.  Instead, I need to find activities that involve all of us.  We have plans to go swimming with friends on New Years Eve.  And instead of watching from the pool deck, I’m going to get in and be silly with them.  And there are snow tubing places near us.  Provided it warms up just a little bit, that’s our plan for later in the week, and I know how much energy that takes.  And there’s sledding, too.

All of those are fun.  Tons of fun.  And the wee ones have a blast, more so when I join in the fun.  Too often I’ll watch them from afar, not wanting to get messy or… something.  But that’s not the right attitude to have.  So the next time you see a mom going down the twisty slide, you’ll know why.  And go ahead, give me a wave.  Or better yet, I’ll race you down!



  • Angel The Alien

    I love playing with kids… it gives you a chance to do fun things like go down a slide, sled, swim, etc, that adults don’t ordinarily do by themselves. (Of course, not ALWAYS… sometimes it is nice to sit out and talk with the other grown ups while the kids go crazy!)

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