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Portable Christmas Playlists For Every Occasion

November 25, 2014 by Michelle

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JBL Flip 2 Speaker with playlists

I am a music kind of gal. Yes, I’m the one you drove past earlier today who was car dancing. Enthusiastically. Fortunately, it’s winter, and we both had our windows rolled up, so you couldn’t hear me singing to really make your day. Whether I’m sitting at my desk working or cooking in the kitchen, I need music to keep me motivated and focused, which I why I love creating portable playlists that I can just pop on to fit my mood – or the mood I need to create.

Although Christmas isn’t truly here yet – my birthday has passed, but we still have a very late Thanksgiving to go – I’ve uncharacteristically started my preparations early. Needless to say, trying to get into the mood to do what I need to do has been just a little bit tough. Fortunately, not only do I have the portable playlists I’ve created for all my Christmas occasions to keep me company, but I also have a JBL Bluetooth speaker that I can move around as need be to ensure that I’m not missing a single note, no matter where I’m hanging out.

JBL Flip 2 Speaker hides well

My biggest challenge so far has been my Christmas cards. I’m the one who is usually sending out what I will politely term “New Year’s Cards” although they may have been as late as Valentine’s Cards one year. Every year, I’m determined to get my cards sent in a timely manner and every year, it somehow slips away from me. Not this year. This year, I’m going to be that person who sends them out and you receive it and think “Wow, she’s really on top of things this year!”

Christmas card writing set to music with a portable playlist

Or is that just wishful thinking? Either way, not only do I have my cards ordered, but I sat down and started addressing them yesterday so that I can get them in the mail to arrive the day after Thanksgiving. And you know that needs its own special playlist. Writing Christmas cards means I need to hear the songs that make me happy, the adult contemporary Christmas music that I love.

Portable playlist for writing Christmas cards

Of course, actually getting photos I wanted to use in my Christmas cards was just a touch more challenging. As the wee ones have gotten older, their aptitude for taking photos has decreased exponentially. I’ve already done the cards filled with goofy photos because they took all horrible pictures, and I didn’t want that this year. I started out with photos that looked like they were goofing around because that’s exactly what they were doing.

Bad Christmas card photo

It wasn’t until I promised that they could listen to one of the Christmas playlists they made that the wee ones finally chilled out enough that I was able to take pictures I was willing to put on my cards. While they still had fun singing along to their favorite Christmas songs, at least I was able to contain their enthusiasm and channel it into something positive.

Best Christmas playlists for kids

Fortunately, the wee ones were far more cooperative when we set out to decorate our Christmas tree. They’re tall enough – and mature enough – that I no longer have to redecorate the tree to remove clusters of ornaments about three feet off the ground. Instead, they distribute them evenly and hang them both high and low.

Working hard to decorate the Christmas tree

Of course, this requires music to get in the mood, as well. Decorating the tree is such a classic tradition that of course my playlist for this includes all my old favorites from when I used to decorate the Christmas tree with my parents and we listened to music on the record player from the other room. Now? We bring our JBL Flip 2 Speakers with us and just set it down to play one of our favorite Christmas playlists.

Best traditional christmas songs

The same increased maturity holds true in the kitchen. The wee ones have been cooking and baking with me long enough that they’ve really gained some skills. When we decided to start baking our “Christmas” cookies just a little bit early, Little Miss was proud to be the one who was in charge of chopping our Maraschino cherries. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do this job with a sharp knife, but I’ve taught her knife skills and ensure she’s using proper technique as I supervise her when she’s working.

Making Christmas cookies to music

And yes, of course we have a Christmas cookie making playlist. Are you surprised? This one is our family’s favorites and includes plenty of songs that we can sing along to as we have fun in the kitchen. Cooking should be about enjoying ourselves and sharing the love, which is exactly what I’m trying to convey with the music on this each one of these Christmas playlists.

Best Christmas Songs to sing along

I have to say, Mister Man was pretty impressed with me. He didn’t know I could set up Christmas playlists like this. Actually, he may have been more impressed by the JBL Flip 2 Speaker we had follow us all over the house. He loved the sound of it and with his sweet little giving heart, he decided that Grandma and Grandpa really need this, too. He thought it would be perfect for when Grandpa is working on his train set in the basement where there isn’t a tv and for Grandma in the bathroom when she’s getting ready in the morning or in the living room when she’s reading a book and doesn’t want to watch tv. I was so impressed with the way he thought through how my parents could use this gift, so of course we had to go take a look.

The JBL Flip 2 is available on JBL.com. Given the fact that we’re in the midst of a deep freeze in Chicago and that it’s supposed to rain and snow this weekend when all the big sales are happening, I’m all in favor of a little online shopping convenience to whittle my list down. Mister Man quickly found the speaker that we’ve been using and was delighted to discover that it came in a variety of colors. He’s picked out the red for my parents since Christmas gifts should be either red or green, he thinks.

JBL website gifting

Me? I was just happy to see that even with my parents’ lack of tech savvy, this could truly make a perfect gift for them – once I “borrow” their phones and set up some play lists for them. Ground shipping is free at JBL.com, and they also offer 30 day returns – just in case Mister Man’s brilliant idea is somehow not the smash hit we expect it to be. And I’m not on the hook for constant tech support, as JBL.com offers lifetime tech support for their products.

So for my parents? The Flip 2 is the perfect choice for them, but JBL offers so many different options. Were they more dependent on being able to keep their devices charged, I might have gone for the JBL Charge Speaker, but after checking out the comparison between these two Bluetooth speakers, I’m confident we chose wisely. I’m thinking Christmas playlists filled with songs from the 40s and 50s is the way to go for my parents to pair with their new speaker. How about you?

Best Christmas songs from the 1940s and 1950s

And since Mister Man can’t keep a secret, why bother even wrapping it? A beautiful bow is enough for presents to our parents, and it means that with a little help, Mister Man can wrap up the present “all on his own.” He’s pretty proud of the job he did.

JBL Speakers wrapped in ribbon

The gifts don’t stop with my parents. Because I’m all about gifting audio, I’m hosting a giveaway for speakers. There are 30 being given away in total, and wouldn’t this make you the star this season?

JBL.com #GiftingAudio Sweepstakes

Besides, no one wants this when there’s such an easy solution, right?



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    Be still my beating heart, a cookie making playlist- how do I not have one? I’d have to say anything by Bruce at the holidays makes it to my rotation, great taste! #client

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