I loved doing my dance classes, but my two month membership ended, and I was going to investigate other options because I needed more strength training than what the dance classes offered.  I could see myself losing arm muscles, and I know my abs suffered after I left the circuit training/cardio kickboxing world in March.

There’s a gym near me that opened up that offers classes that I wanted to try.  I found a great rate for membership, but because I care about the classes, it’s important for me to like the classes and the way the instructors teach them.  Zumba isn’t Zumba isn’t Zumba I’ve learned the hard way.  Good news?  They offer three day trial passes.

Sweet, right?  School is out, but the wee ones have summer school from 8-12, so I can easily still hit the classes and test them out – and more importantly go to the classes if I join.  I love the fact that it’s a full gym so I can go walk or swim or do various machines if I choose.  Oh, and shower if I have a meeting and don’t have time to run home.

The wee ones have officially been out of school for three weeks.  I haven’t joined yet.  Mostly because I’ve yet to print out my free trial pass, forget actually trying the gym and making any decisions.  Oh, I have reasons.  Not good ones, but I have reasons.

  • I want to try the different classes, which means I need to go three days in a row so I can get a good sample of what they offer.
  • I couldn’t go the day the wee ones got out of school because they only had school for an hour, which didn’t give me enough time.
  • My family spent Thursday night at a water park in Wisconsin, so even Tuesday through Thursday didn’t give me three days
  • And I can’t have the pass end on a Friday because I do Fix ‘n B***** on Fridays in the mornings, and I really want to experience three different classes.
  • And I have so much to clean and declutter and pack up in our house, so I’ve been working on that.
  • And I am supposed to meet a friend.
  • And I need to run errands.
  • And I’ll go as soon as I finish this article I need to get written.
  • I’ll just work out at home using my Kinect or videos until I get to the gym.

Have you seen a good excuse amongst the lot yet?  Me neither.  It’s all just words, and none of it valid.  I know myself.  I know I need the accountability, and reality is really setting in.

On the plus side, my weight isn’t creeping up.  Unfortunately, I can see and feel my body changing from not doing the dance classes.  Were I to actually do some measurements right now, I know they’d be up from where they were a month ago.  My tummy is softer.  My thighs are lumpier.  My arms feel chunkier.

And all I’m doing is sabotaging myself.  I have been so close to where I want to be, but I’m keeping myself – consciously or not – from achieving what I want to do.  And that has to stop.  Because today I spent the day writing articles and cleaning and catching up.  Granted, I haven’t sat down much the last week because I’m constantly up and down, sorting and cleaning and reorganizing and painting, but that’s not the same as truly exercising.

Gym shoes that need to be used

And I love to exercise.  Last Wednesday, I went for a four mile hike with a friend, and I felt amazing after it.  So watch me.  I’m heading over to print out my pass so that I can head to the gym tomorrow for the Zumba class at 11.  So yes, my parents are coming over at 10:30 tomorrow morning, but I can ask them to come earlier.  Or later.  Right?



  • Pat

    You certainly look slim and trim in your videos.
    So…did you start your 3-day trial Zumba class on Tuesday?

    • Michelle

      Aww thank you, Pat! And ummm. Ahem. no.

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