I Thought Rainbow Loom Bracelets Were Easy

November 7, 2013 by Michelle

Rainbow Loom – the trend sweeping the nation (literally, if you count all the vacuuming necessary to clean up after the bands left behind) – has hit my house.  The wee ones love the bracelets, especially Little Miss.  There is a club that meets at school to make bracelets, and she’s a proud member.

When she first started, her creations were simple.  A friend taught her how to make the basic bracelet using her fingers instead of an actual loom.  Once I discovered that she was “borrowing” friends’ bands to make the bracelets each time the club met, we decided that she should buy her own set.  And so we headed to our local store where she bought the $14.99 kit and an extra bag of orange bands (that ironically, she has yet to use).

At first, she continued to use her fingers since she didn’t know how to make anything else. I pointed out to her that we could easily find tutorials to learn new patterns because they aren’t that hard.  And so we did, and fishtail is her new favorite.  We also checked out some of the other patterns, and starburst was the next to catch her eye.

Since there are so many tutorials out there, I figured my entertainment as requested by the #VlogMom prompt this week could easily be creating the starburst Rainbow Loom bracelet.  Or … maybe not.


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