I do my best to keep the wee ones safe.  I care about what we eat, what they watch, and the toys they play with.  I want them around, safe and happy, for as long as possible.  Before I buy products, I always research, but safety issues aren’t always known right away.  I am thrilled that Recalls Plus is now available to notify me of product recalls that I might miss.

I was part of the crib recall.  Remember when we all had the drop side cribs?  We actually never used our drop rail, as my husband and I are both tall enough to lay down and pick up the wee ones with the rail up, but the cribs were still recalled because those drop rails turned out to not be safe.  We were lucky that neither of the wee ones was injured in any way, but I learned about the recall from a friend of mine, not immediately when it was announced.

You’ve probably also heard of the peanut butter recall this year.  We had already gone through most of our jar when we got the notice that our peanut butter was involved.  Luckily, Costco keeps excellent records and notifies via postcard anyone who purchased a product through them that was recalled.  That helps a lot when there are some brands and varieties involved in a recall – especially food recalls – but not all.  It makes it less confusing to know if my product is safe or not, but I don’t and can’t buy everything from Costco, so that is of limited help to me.

Recalls Plus, available via iTunes, Google Play, and Facebook looks to become the all encompassing solution to quickly and easily notify you when there is a recall.  It’s hard to manually track.  Did you know that there were 121 recalls of children’s products in 2011?  That was over eleven and a half million items impacted, just in the States alone.

This free app – yep, it’s free – was designed by parents of young children and tracks recalls by the four major agencies in the US, The CSPC, NHTSA, FDA, and USDA.  Once you download it, you select the age range of your child (infant, newborn, or toddler) to get a set of common products.  You then choose the products that you own from a Graco stroller to an Evenflo car seat and more.  You can also add food alerts from the eight major categories that the FDA tracks.

When there is a recall on an item from your personal watch list, you receive an alert.  The items are curated by hand directly from the four government agencies so that there is nothing that is missed.  Once you receive an alert, you can also easily give your friends and family a heads up, too, if the recall may involve them.  The sharing capabilities are a smart addition, as getting the word out about recalls is key to ensuring everyone’s safety.

We all want to keep our families safe, and this is just one more tool to do so.  It’s an easy and free download on iTunes, Google Play, and Facebook, making it that much more of a no-brainer.  So go… download.  And tell your friends, too!

In the interest of full disclosure, this was a sponsored post by Linqia.  I receive compensation based on the click throughs on my personalized links.  If no one clicks, I earn nothing, but this is an important product in my eyes, and I want to ensure the word gets out.  As always, all opinions expressed remain my own.



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