Red Lipstick Challenge: Which One For Me?

October 17, 2013 by Michelle

Product for Campaign Disclosure

I’ve written before about Red Apple Lipstick and why I love it.  They’re helping to feed my lipstick fetish – I definitely have more lipstick than shoes, not that I’m counting.  The fact that this is paraben-free lipstick, it’s completely gluten free, it’s never been tested on animals, and it’s mineral based is a huge win in my book.  The fact that it looks great on, lasts well, and it feels good?  What can I say, I’m a loyal customer at this point!

Even though I love lipstick, I tend to get a little stuck in some of the same ruts. It’s possible I have many variations of the same shade and have for years.  I’m boring, apparently.  Given the red challenge issued by Jay from Red Apple Lipstick, I’m definitely up for taking it, and I want you to help me.

Red Apple Lipstick sent me 4 products to try, three lipsticks ($23.50 each) and one gloss ($18.50).  They’re definitely shades I might not feel like I’m bold enough to wear, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull off the looks, right?  When they arrived, I was thrilled to see that not only do they come in a great package (a reusable bag, nothing to throw away) but I had a sample of a product that I’ve been wanting to try.

Red Apple Lipstick products

Each time you order something from Red Apple Lipstick, you get a bonus sample so you can test something out even more risk free than normal, although with Red Apple’s “no questions asked send it back if you don’t like it” guarantee that per the literature I received with my product now goes for 6 months from when you purchased your product, there really is no risk in buying anything, is there?

My sample was the Rallye Balm, something I’d read amazing reviews about.  When winter hits, my lips and skin pay the price for the dry air and bitingly cold winds in Chicago.  My cuticles dry up and crack, as do my lips.  The Rallye Balm has reviews touting people who’ve used it successfully for all sorts of dry skin from cuticles to chapped lips to raw noses (hello, winter colds) and more.  I’m not there yet, but I look forward to having a solution at hand.

So back to the red challenge.  Telling you only gives half the story.  I couldn’t help myself and had to show you instead (perfect for this week’s #VlogMom challenge to take a product – any product – and do a video review).

It’s hard to compare the lip colors via video, I know, so I’ll give you a better view.  You tell me which color you think looks best on me: Red! 101, Ravishing, Raspberry Lips, or Berried Treasure.

First up is Red! 101  I think it’s a really fun color and definitely more bold than what I usually wear, but I think I can pull it off.  This might be great for a night out rather than a lipstick I wear each day, but it’s one I would never have dared wear without this challenge.

Red 101 from Red Apple Lipstick

Ravishing is more of a brick red color, definitely darker than the vibrant Red! I tried first.  Again, I think this is one that is definitely a night color for me.  Or one I can wear lightly because with mineral makeup, I can control the depth of color with my lipstick.

Ravishing from Red Apple Lipstick

Strawberry Lips is definitely a less bold choice.  This may be one I can wear all day, and it’s definitely closer to my usual shades.  But is it too close to what I normally wear?

Strawberry Lips from Red Apple Lipstick

Berried Treasure is the only gloss I tried out, so that puts it in a slightly different color, and it’s also a much less starkly red color.  This one I may have chosen for myself without being pushed, but is it the most flattering?

Berried Treasure from Red Apple Lipstick

Still can’t decide I’ll make it easy on you.  Here are all four together.  So which Red Apple Lipstick is your vote for my red challenge?

Red Apple Lipstick Red challenge collage

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  • Maria

    Red 101 is my favorite on you. Love it! 🙂

  • Jay Harper

    I totally agree! Red 101! on you, in a black dress, some great earrings and stunning necklace would keep your husband double taking you all night!!!

  • Christina

    My fave is the Red! 101. LOVE it on you!! Strawberry Lips and Berried Treasure are good too – just not as stunning 🙂 Ravishing seems harsh for you…

    I’m definitely going to have to try out this brand! Do you find it drying at all? I used Jane Iredale mineral lipsticks and they dried my lips out!

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