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So do you know what tomorrow is?  The wee ones are beyond excited because it’s international Star Wars Day.  What, you didn’t know?  May 4th every year has become that “holiday” because… May the Fourth (Force) Be With You.  I have to be honest, I still giggle every time I hear it.

Around our house, we have three main loves: Angry Birds, Puffles, and Star Wars.  The wee ones were Storm Troopers for Halloween three years ago, and Little Miss was again two years ago while Mister Man was a Jedi Knight, and last year Mister Man was again a Jedi Knight.  When we heard last year that Angry Birds was coming out with a Star Wars edition, I’m pretty sure the wee ones heard angels singing.


It’s definitely been a match made in heaven, and the wee ones’ favorite Christmas present last year was the Angry Birds™ Star Wars® Millennium Falcon Bounce Game from their uncle.  They spend hours – even four plus months after Christmas – perfecting their bounces in an attempt to knock away the Storm Troopers.

Not surprisingly, my parents quickly got in on the action, and they now have the Star Wars® Angry Birds™ Jenga® Death Star™ Game where they shoot miniature rubberized Star Wars Angry Birds good guys at a piggy Death Star, which is another favorite.  Technically, that game was Mister Man’s, and Little Miss not surprisingly talked my dad into buying her another game, so they’ve added the Totooine Battle Game to their Angry Birds™ Star Wars® game collection.


I would roll my eyes at this except that they love the games.  And they love playing with the little characters that come with them.  These games get taken out over and over again to the point that they don’t quite make it back onto the game shelf anymore.  So when Hasbro asked if I wanted to review the new Angry Birds™ Star Wars® AT-AT Attack Battle Game (MSRP $39.99), of course I agreed.


The game was fairly quick to set up.  Personally, I was thrilled to see how the pieces were attached inside the box.  Instead of the painful twist ties or wires or screws or other methods to secure the pieces, Hasbro was smart and simply used cardboard slots.  It made it easy to remove the pieces, and it’s environmentally friendly since the whole cardboard piece is recyclable.


Setting it up was fairly easy, as well.  I did get stuck a little bit when I tried to snap together the AT-AT’s snout, which is something you have to do just once and then it stays together going forward.  It didn’t snap in easily, and I was afraid that I was going to break the piece.  Fortunately, I continued to press and it did snap in without any damage to any part of it.

Getting the AT-AT Walker to stand up and get ready to be knocked down by the Star Wars Angry Birds was a little more challenging, however.  The directions for the game were simply a three panel drawing, and I initially set the legs to far apart.  I also discovered that trying to move them with the body balanced atop it didn’t work.  I also quickly discovered that the snout can’t be placed atop the body until all the other bricks are laid out or it will topple forward.  It needs the weight of those to counterbalance.

Once I got it set up the first time, it was much easier going forward.  I like that there isn’t a set way it has to be set up, giving the game a little more creativity and potential difficulty with the 21 blocks.  That said, I wish the directions were a little more clear.


Once I had the AT-AT ready to go, Little Miss immediately moved the launcher to the front of the AT-AT and began firing.  Again, the directions gave no information on how the game was to be played, so we made it up as we went.  Personally, I think I would have attacked the AT-AT from the side, but she was happy.


Yes, she did bring some of her other Angry Birds to watch her play the game, which I thought was sweet.  In the absence of rules, we decided that when playing alone, you have the goal to knock everything over before you run out of birds.  If you’re playing against someone, you take turns with each person shooting the same bird as his competitor.  Darth Vader was 5,000 points, the bad piggy was 3,000, the Storm Troopers were 2,000 each, and each brick knocked off was 10,000, with the total destruction of the AT-AT a 10,000 point bonus.  The person with the most points when the birds have gone through one cycle wins.  It’s similar to the stated rules for some of our other Angry Birds™ Star Wars®  games and works for us.


I did think that defeating the AT-AT Walker was far easier than some of the other Angry Birds Star Wars games we have.  For an adult or a teen, that might make this game too easy and less interesting, but Little Miss and Mister Man are in heaven playing it – over and over and over again.  In fact, for Little Miss’s First Communion party, she’s already started organizing an Angry Birds Star Wars® tournament.  Now that’s pretty high praise, I think!

So do you remember back when I mentioned that tomorrow – May 4 – is international Star Wars Day?  Hasbro wants to celebrate by offering a discount.  Simply use the Promo Code SWFANDAY for 20% off any Star Wars toy on, only on May 4th!* That means you can pick up some of Hasbro’s great Angry Birds Star Wars games and toys, based on the hit mobile game from Rovio Entertainment!

They’re pretty cool, aren’t they?  Fortunately I am also giving away one Angry Birds Star Wars product to a lucky reader.  As always, winners must be 18 years of age or older and live within the US.  Enter via Rafflecopter below, and May the Fourth be with you!

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In the interest of full disclosure, I received an Angry Birds™ Star Wars® AT-AT™ Attack Game for review purposes.  The other games mentioned were all purchased.  I received no other compensation, and all opinions remain my own.

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    My kids would like the At-At Attack game the most

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    My boys would like the ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS JENGA DEATH STAR Game

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    So if May 4th is “may the fourth be with you,” does that mean today may 5th is return of fifth?

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    The Angry Birds Star Wars Koosh Jedi Slingshot

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    jabbas palace battle game
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    My grandson loves any of the games where you can use the slingshot!

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