Morning routine saves sanity for us non-morning people

Sanity Is My Morning Routine

January 9, 2014 by Michelle

I’m not a morning person.  Let’s get that out of the way right now.  I have never been one to jump out of bed with a smile on my face and a perky pep talk on my lips.  And that was before I suffered from insomnia.  No, I’m the one who takes awhile to wake up.  I don’t snooze my alarm, but that’s only because I have it already set to the last moment because I already know I want as much sleep as possible.  Even then, I’m generally not a happy camper, but I have things I need to get done in the morning, and my morning routine is my only salvation.

Morning routine saves sanity for us non-morning people

I know that the wee ones crave routine.  In fact, we were all thrilled to go back to school (finally) yesterday only partly because it meant we knew exactly what we had to do that day, and there was a definite plan again.  They love their routine, and I have to admit that I love my routine, too. In fact, Little Miss woke up yesterday and had her morning to do list completely done before I was awake. I came downstairs to find her Rainbow Loom-ing. Sweet.

Granted, my days aren’t as consistent as theirs.  Some days I go to the gym once they get on the bus; other days I work first then go to a class. And some days knock me out of my routine because – like today – I have a PTO meeting or some other non-normal activity in the morning.  That’s ok though.  My biggest challenge is getting everyone out the door and me ready by the time their bus arrives.  If I can accomplish that, then – and only then – I’m ready to face the rest of my day.

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  • Rajean

    This is the second vlog mom post I’ve visited and I realize, I don’t love routines. I also do better at midnight than I do at 7 am. But I like to change things up (within reason, kids have to get to school on time, bathed, breakfasted, packed lunches – that part is routine). I hope to join back in this week!

    • Michelle

      And you know what? If you know that’s what works for you, run with it! It’s all about doing the right thing for you, and I am MOST definitely a routine person. Hope you’re back with the VlogMom group soon.

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