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I adore sending cards to people. Receiving something real in the mail always makes my day – and bring a smile of joy to the wee ones’ faces, too. On Valentine’s Day, we still make cards for their classmates, but this year, we’re spreading the joy far and wide. With Treat, we can personalize our cards with photos and our own messages, making them even more perfect for ever recipient we have in mind.

Best of all, you can order your Treat Valentine’s Day card by 11am Pacific on Monday February 11 and get it in time for Valentine’s Day. I love that you can easily have the names and addresses written on the envelope for both the recipient and you – and you can even add a stamp and have Treat mail it directly for you, which saves so much time and energy.

I often remember that one last person at the most inconvenient times when I’m nowhere near a store or even my computer. Fortunately, you can create Treat cards from your iPhone even when you’re out and about. Better yet, set up the birthday and other special occasion reminders, and Treat will provide you with a poke when it’s time to send a card. If you’re more organized, you can also order your cards today for the rest of the year and specify when you want them delivered, and Treat will send them out at the appropriate time. I may have to set aside a day to do just that.

This time around, I created five fun cards for people who deserve a little something special.

The perfect personalized Valentine's Day card for anyone from Treat

This one goes to my husband, to remind him of the date nights we used to share – and need to share again. Inside, I was able to choose from a variety of Valentine’s messages or click on the text box and write my own. For this one? It definitely required my own words.

Daddy Valentine's Card from childrenThe wee ones helped me choose this Valentine’s Day card, also for my husband, made up of some of their favorite photos. I appreciate the fact that we can include one photo or multiple photos, depending on what works best. We even have more photos inside and in the little box on the back, proving this is truly from the wee ones’ own imagination.

Children choose their own photos for Treat Valentine's Day cards

The wee one also helped pick out the photos for the Valentine’s Day card for their aunt and uncle. I can’t wait to get a phone call from them expressing their delight when they see it. Mister Man made sure to get a photo of his Pinewood Derby card, and Little Miss wanted to remind them how much fun she had in Puerto Rico and how she wishes they had been there, too. It’s definitely a card from a child, which is what I was going for.

AWesome personalized cards for teachers

Mister Man’s teacher this year is very tech savvy. In addition to maintaining great communication via websites and text, he also has his own business cards that he shares with parents and the personalized thank you cards he sends out. I love how he takes photos of the students and incorporates them into cards that he mails to us. Now it’s his turn with this Treat card.

Treat has amazing Valentine's Day cards for teachers, too

Little Miss’s teacher of course deserves no less than Mister Man’s teacher, and there are some amazingly cute designs out there. I had so much fun going through our first day of school photos and finding the best ones to include. They already look so much older than they were just a few months ago. There wasn’t the greatest selection of phrases that were appropriate for a teacher, but fortunately you can alter the text to say whatever you need, which means we found just the right words to express our appreciation.

We chose to simply provide greeting cards this time around, but there is also the option to add gift cards to your card from a variety of merchants such as Amazon, Target, GroupOn, and more in amounts ranging from $5 to $75, depending on the merchant you choose. You can also add a personalized gift mug with Ghirardelli chocolate included for $19.99 (or $15.99 without), making this a one stop shop when it comes to gifting.  All that, and no waiting in line at the store.

And yes, for those of us who sometimes forget or procrastinate too long, you can also send digital cards to your recipients that look identical to the hard copy. Those are less expensive, but I love the personalized keepsakes we create with the actual cards we mail. It just feels more special to me – until the day is upon me and I realize I forgot my parents’ anniversary. Again. (But not this year – since I now have that occasion set up in my reminders.)

Treat cards are usually $3.49 apiece, but with this exclusive promo code, you can get 3 Treat cards $6 using TREATLUV at checkout now through 2/28/14 11:59pm PST.

Customers must be first time customers to Treat. You will be required to provide credit card information to verify, and sales tax and postage may apply. This offer is valid for one transaction only and any quantity not used in the transaction will be forfeited. Offer applies exclusively to greeting cards and is not applicable to gifts, gift cards, Treat Card Club packs, previously placed orders, taxes or postage fees. Offer is only valid on and cannot be used on the Treat Cards for iPhone app or partner websites. To prevent fraud or abuse, Treat reserves the right to discontinue or modify this offer or cancel any order.

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