Shaklee Disclosure

There are some scary stats out there.  I’ll never forget walking into the spa aboard the Carnival Valor a couple weeks ago and hearing the trainer tell me that the average weight gain for a 7 day cruise is 7-14 pounds.  As I translated each pound into 3,500 calories, I blanched.

After all the hard work I’ve put into changing my body and mind and attitude, that last thing I want is to be “average” (or hey, above average) in this case.  Not that I hadn’t already vowed to avoid snacking my way through the ship every time I saw food, but that was even more of an eye opener.

How did Shaklee work while I was on vacation?

Except.  It really wasn’t that hard.  Yes, everyone around me was eating a ton of food for the two weeks I was on vacation.  Even at the Embassy Suites where we stayed while in San Juan for our extra week, free breakfast and a manager’s reception with free snacks and alcohol was provided each day.  You don’t want to see what the vast majority of the trays (not plates, actual trays) looked like.

Instead, my breakfast was my Shaklee meal bar.  And my lunch was often the same, though sometimes I made an exception and ate sensibly.  Dinner I enjoyed the various courses provided, but I never ate until I was full.  I never once felt like I was missing out on something because I didn’t eat it or eat it all.  And wow is that a transformation of a mindset.

How easy is it to see a free alcohol reception and stock up?  When you have a Baked Alaska set before you, how easy is it to simply eat it because Baked Alaska is so rarely offered anymore.  When you have a buffet with hot dogs and hamburgers and fries and cheese and chili and chicken fingers within feet of you at the pool for days, how easy is it to snack even if you aren’t all that hungry?

It’s that not all that hungry that has really opened my eyes.  With Shaklee, I’ve become so much more attuned to my body.  The free alcohol?  Yes, I had a drink or two over the week we were there.  When the bartender handed me two cocktails instead of the one I ordered, I found another guest who took the second one to drink for me.  Baked Alaska?  Huh.  I sort of like the meringue.  And the strawberry ice cream.  But the rest?  I’ll leave it.  And yes, I had a small helping of chili cheese fries one day for a late “lunch” because we were in a rush, but I was really hungry and ended up sharing most of it with my husband.

Because I don’t need it.  If something isn’t really good, I don’t need to eat it.  I can only imagine what would have happened on my vacation had I not already learned this lesson.  As it was, I wasn’t doing “hard” workouts, although I definitely had plenty of moving around.  This wasn’t a period of focus on weight loss.

So what happened when I got back?  Well, that you’ll just have to watch!



  • Maria

    You ROCK! Way to go, Michelle!!! I think I gained the same while you were gone but never quite got a vacation. 🙁

  • Ashley

    Best part of the cruise is the food,while we were on ours I made sure to work out,but you better believe I enjoyed my cruise and food.I have lost 100 pounds and retained this loss for the past few yrs.I say all things in moderation.

    • Michelle

      I absolutely agree, Ashley, that the food on a cruise is amazing! Congratulations in losing so much weight and in maintaining it. That’s the real challenge! I am not going to say in the LEAST that I didn’t enjoy the food while I was on the cruise, but making (mostly) smart choices while I was there and being aware did mean that after 2 weeks of vacation, I was the only one in my family not regretting the weight gained!

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