Shaklee Disclosure

So I have a confession to make.  Remember how good I was about going to the gym?  And how I was talking about going to the new gym that was cheaper after my dance class membership that I won at my school’s raffle for two months ended?  Shh.  I never went.

Oh, I had good reasons.  I actually listed the reasons here well over a month ago and vowed to head to the gym that very day to start my trial membership.  Except I didn’t because my mom came over and she stayed longer than I expected she would, so I missed the class I wanted to take.  And the next day I had “something” else that came up.  And so it went.

Then I didn’t want to join because I was going to be headed to BlogHer and didn’t want to waste money when I wouldn’t be able to attend.  And I’m currently on a Carnival cruise and out of town, so I don’t want to pay for half the month and not go. Ya know?

But it’s $29.99 per month to join that gym and go to classes whenever I want.  Or use the track or machines.  While I’m not exactly a spendthrift, I spend more than that on other items and don’t regret it.  So I only go six or eight times.  That’s still around $4 per visit and class.  A pretty good deal, no?

The worst part is that I can tell the difference in my body from having not gone to the gym and done “real” classes.  Though I’m still losing weight – and people can tell – my stomach has lost the definition it was gaining.  And my arms?  Let’s just say I’m lucky my daughter hasn’t decided to start playing with them and comparing them to bread dough like she does my mother.

Shaklee at month 5

And that’s what makes me sad.  I was doing all the right things and not just most of the right things.  I’m still following the Shaklee diet and eating well, which is why I’m seeing some results.  But they aren’t the full results I want, and I recognize that it’s me and my fault for that.  Bikini body?  Not exactly.

So now that I’m on my cruise, I’m going to take advantage where I can.  I’m going to swim in the pool with the wee ones.  I’ve been taking the stairs and will continue to do so until climbing the 8 full flights from the restaurant deck to the kids’ club level is easy.  And they have some free fitness classes aboard, too.  While I plan to be busy during some of them and didn’t bring true workout wear, I have t-shirts and shorts that I can use, and I was smart enough to bring my gym shoes.

It’s time to rededicate myself.  I’ve lost 15 pounds and more than 20 inches since I started with Shaklee, but some of them are coming back because I’m not working out and that beautiful muscle I had created is softening and widening.

I have one month left on Shaklee, and I’m taking advantage of it.  I can’t join the gym at home while I’m out of town, but I can make sure that I’m doing what I can to maximize my fitness levels while I’m away.  And I’m adding an appointment to head to the fitness center for when I get back.

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  • AngelNicki

    I knowo the feeling! I actually joined a gym through my work, but then I never went! 🙁 I started running at the track instead, but then I stopped that! For a while I was feeling so healthy and energetic. I don’t know why I stopped. Guess I’d better get back on it!

    • Michelle

      I’ve done the never go once I join thing before. If I find a good routine, I’m set. It’s when I don’t or just “say” I’m going to go that I have problems. Yes, get back on it – it’s amazing how different you feel when you do, right?

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