Take a bite of the seasonal Sienna from MOD Pizza

Check Out The Seasonal Sienna At MOD Pizza

September 21, 2016 by Michelle

I received a gift card to try out the new Sienna from MOD Pizza. All opinions are my own (and my husband’s).

Check out the Seasonal Sienna from MOD Pizza for a delicious dinner tonight

MOD Pizza is a family favorite. If you ask any one of the four of us where to eat out, you’ll likely hear MOD Pizza. It’s delicious, it’s fast, it’s always unique, and it’s allergy friendly. It wins all around. The seasonal Sienna from MOD Pizza is no different, and I’m sad that it’s only around until September 30.

Yep, come October 1, you’ll have to find a new favorite, so head out to MOD soon to try the Sienna from MOD Pizza before it’s gone! This pizza uses the garlic rub as its sauce. Over that comes mozzarella cheese followed by sliced mushrooms, rosemary, and red onions before grated Parmesan cheese and Brussels sprouts.

Yes, this is a vegetarian pizza, and my husband was a little unsure. He’s a good Midwestern boy who likes meat on his pizza, but he’s a good sport. After two bites, he realized why this pizza needs no meat. The Brussels sprouts provide enough oomph and umami that they don’t need meat. In fact, my husband decided that added meat would actually detract from the yumminess that is the Sienna from MOD Pizza. Go fig, right?

Take a bite of the seasonal Sienna from MOD Pizza

That said, because this is MOD Pizza, had my husband decided to add meat to his pizza, that wouldn’t have been a problem. That’s part of what we love about MOD. Pizzas are always ummmm modular. No matter how many (or how few, for those cheese only loving folks out there) ingredients you add to your pizza, the price remains the same.

Add as many toppings as you want your MOD Pizza costs the same

This is huge when my daughter wants bacon, chicken, oregano, garbanzo beans, pepperoni, pineapple, and extra dairy free cheese on her pizza. And my son? Yeah, it’s all pretty much the same there. And this is the place where I’m ok with that.

The fact that they get allergies is even a bigger deal. My GFCF friends can eat here. The crusts are vegan, and they offer gluten free crusts, too (for a small extra charge). They don’t guarantee no cross contamination, but my friends with major allergies have had zero issues, and I watch workers change their gloves as soon as an allergy comes up. The big change is that the red sauce is now dairy free. It used to contain cheese, so Little Miss had a choice of garlic rub or barbecue and always chose garlic rub, but this rocks. She stuck with garlic rub this time, but having that choice means so much.

And yes, they have dairy free cheese. The workers know which ingredients have what allergens in them, so they’re careful to let you know as you go down the line. Because OMG the choices. So many choices!

Me? I have my favorite, but I still switch it up from time to time, and I love the option of Brussels sprouts right now. And just before I receive my pizza, I add a pesto drizzle and arugula to finish it off. Because yep, you can do that, too.

Make your own deliciousness at MOD Pizza

There isn’t much time before the Sienna from MOD Pizza goes away for the year though, so we definitely have to head there again before it does. And really? You should, too!

Have you tried the seasonal Sienna from MOD Pizza yet?


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