Signs That Make Me Giggle

June 26, 2013 by Michelle

Living in Chicago, I deal with traffic on a daily basis.  There are two ways to handle it.  You either drive yourself batty being annoyed by it, or you look for ways to entertain yourself.  So far, I’ve avoided going batty – or so I claim.  Seeing interesting license plates or bumper sticker is all well and good.  Drivers bopping along to music?  Definitely fun.

My personal favorite, however, is silly signs.  They are the ones that make me smile and giggle every time I pass them.  And I need those giggles to keep me sane while yet another person drives 35 miles per hour in the 50 mph zone of a two lane, no passing road.

Your Wife is hot.  Check A C

C’mon, it’s clever.  And it gets your attention, right?  I’ve never patronized the place, but the sign makes me giggle.

If your boat is broke and you're not, call Ken

And this one… definitely my all time favorite.  I’ve been driving past this one for years.  And Ken?  If I had a boat, I’d use your services if only for the fact that you used “your” and “you’re” correctly in your sign.  And you make me giggle.

Left or right turn only at the end of a parking lot

So picture this.  You’re driving in a parking lot.  And you approach the end of the parking lot.  Where there is a curb.  What do you do?  It’s a doozy of a dilemma.  Fortunately, this sign helps us out.  Instead of going straight, we’ll go either right or left.  I really want to know what traffic issues precipitated the need for this sign.

So what are your favorite signs?



  • ally

    Yesterday, stuck in the massive jam on LSD that resulted from the Blackhawks parade, our car suddenly began to vibrate. The girls started laughing and then next to us, on the driver side, was an old van, the 1970s version, with music so loud, and a 50’ish year old man so deeply into this loud music, that our entire car was vibrating, either from his music or our laughter. You could feel the thump thump in your chest. Nice way to break up a very long spot of traffic when a mum forgets about the Blackhawks on the way home from Michigan!

    • Michelle

      Awesome. There really are no other words for it, are there?

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