S'mores bark recipe is perfect for leftover chocoate

S’mores Bark Chocolate Recipe

March 18, 2015 by Michelle

S'mores bark ready to eat

S’mores and I are pretty good friends. As much as I love traditional s’mores, I’ve gotten creative over the years and enjoying them in various forms. I’m a big fan of the s’mores cookie. S’mores cake and s’mores stuffed strawberries pretty much rock my socks. And yes, I’ve even made s’mores pizza. (Oh, just go look at all my s’mores recipes. There’s a bunch!)

So when I was making my frozen cheesecake bites last week – yum! – I had a dilemma. You see, whenever I dip something in chocolate, whether it be truffles or those cheesecake bites, I always melt more chocolate than I’m going to use for dipping. The last thing I want to be doing with those last few items to dip is scraping the bottom of the pot and just hoping that I have enough chocolate to somehow coat them. They never look pretty, and I’m inevitably left with uncoated items or having to melt more chocolate. Melting more to start is just smarter.

Of course then I have the challenge of what to do with that extra chocolate. That one time my husband washed the pan that still had chocolate in it… never again!

Extra melted chocolate

Well, really it isn’t a challenge. It’s a no-brainer. I make chocolate bark from it every single time. It’s quick and easy and oh so tasty. I do an antioxidant bark sometimes, or I’ll make peppermint bark or coconut bark. It’s as easy as mixing in a couple quick ingredients I have in my pantry and spreading the mixture on a piece of waxed paper or my sil pat and letting it harden.

So as I was dipping my frozen cheesecake bites, it’s possible that a little bit of the graham cracker crust got into the chocolate by the time I finished dipping all 81 of those scrumptious beauties. So of course I did what was natural and decided to make s’mores bark since there was already some graham in the mixture.
S'mores bark recipe is perfect for leftover chocoate

Making s’mores bark

Just like any other bark, s’mores bark is just melted chocolate with any necessary ingredients mixed in. The key for this is to ensure that your chocolate has cooled down some before adding the marsmallow or it will melt and mess with the texture of your lovely chocolate.

While you’re patiently waiting for your chocolate to cool just a bit – which won’t take long since chocolate has such a low melting point anyway – break up your marshmallows. I like using the big marshmallows and tearing them by hand into five pieces each rather than using mini marshmallows just because I like the rustic look, but feel free to use the minis if you have them on hand.

My other prep while that chocolate is hanging out? I break up my graham crackers. I usually don’t need more than one full graham cracker for the bark, but I’ve also debated keeping the graham crackers whole and pouring the melted chocolate with marshmallow over the whole graham cracker so it’s more like a traditional s’more, but I love the look of all ingredients on top and can see the graham cracker crumbling as you break up the bark if it’s on the bottom.

Depending on how much chocolate I have in my pot, I may use as few as three or as many as six marshmallows. I add about three-quarters of my torn up marshmallows to the pot and stir to ensure they’re coated by chocolate.

Yummy yummy s'mores bark

Once they’re coated, simply pour the chocolate onto your sil pat or waxed paper and use a spatula to smooth it out so that it’s about a quarter of an inch thick and uniform.

Smoothed out s'mores bark

At this point, go ahead and add the remaining marshmallows decoratively over the bark and gently press in your graham cracker pieces.

Adding graham crackers to smores bark

Either let it harden on your counter or stick it in the freezer for a quicker freeze – something that’s generally necessary in the summer. Once it’s truly solid, simply break it into pieces with your hands, and it’s ready to eat.

Breaking up the smores bark

Because s’mores bark has exposed marshmallow and graham cracker, even in a sealed container, these are best enjoyed within the first couple days or the marshmallow starts to get hard. But they’re still tasty, no matter what!

Pieces of s'mores bark

S’mores bark? Something else? What do you do with leftover chocolate?

Smores Bark
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Leftover chocolate? Making this quick and fun s'mores bark is the perfect use for melted chocolate whether it's from dipping other desserts or you melt it just for this!
  • 6 oz dark chocolate, melted
  • 4 large marshmallows
  • 1 graham cracker
  1. Melt your chocolate, but ensure it has a chance to cool down before you add marshmallows. You want it to be just barely warm to the touch.
  2. While you're waiting for the chocolate to cool, rip your marshmallows into five pieces each. Crumble your graham cracker into pieces about the same size as the marshmallow chunks or a little larger.
  3. Add three-quarters of the marshmallows to the melted chocolate and stir to coat them.
  4. Pour the chocolate onto a sil pat or sheet of waxed paper and use a spatula to smooth it to an even thickness of about a quarter inch.
  5. Decoratively add the remaining marshmallows and graham cracker to the top of the chocolate, gently patting into the chocolate to ensure they stay.
  6. Let your chocolate harden on the counter or place in the freezer to have them ready faster. Once the bark is completely solid, break it apart into chunks.
  7. Store in a sealed container on the counter and enjoy within 2-3 days to prevent the marshmallows from getting hard and the graham crackers soft.
I prefer the rustic look and texture of ripping large marshmallows into chunks. If you prefer, go ahead and use small marshmallows. Note that measurements are approximate and can be scaled up or down to fit what you have on hand.


  • Zully Hernandez

    S’mores bark! Who would have thought! This will definitely be going in the recipe file to use with my daughter and her friends at the next sleepover!

  • Paula @ Frosted Fingers

    I always have leftover chocolate, too. Why didn’t I think of this?! This looks really yummy and am going to try this the next time I dip something.

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